Thompson's Point

Portland, ME

Jul 6, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach's Notes:

The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby.

Don't Do It - The Band.


Matt 1/24/2024 12:28:42 PM

"Transcendent Hot Tea. Fly me to heaven."

Pete 7/11/2023 6:24:24 AM

"Solid show with an epic Hot Tea. I love The Way It Is but it was pretty choppy. "

Greasepit 7/10/2023 3:02:20 PM

"A very, very shiny performance "

GIWD 7/10/2023 10:45:54 AM

"Man…after a run of slow shows the boys got back to their A-game!!! I heard a little Pink Floyd in that Madhuvan jam—-epic!"

Biscuit butter 7/10/2023 9:43:38 AM

"I was there. These lads put on an incredibly fun show. Hot Tea was a great jam but can’t believe any rabid fans (as it appears there are here in the comments section) have no comment on the mix and guitar tone. Between the mix and rick’s tone, Hot Tea is very hard to listen too. Tone is screechy and piercing. It’s pretty bad… If you check out the webcast it is mixed a bit better. IMO Rick is either so rounded out you can’t hear him or screeching your ears off. Someone point me in the right direction for a classic, well recorded, example of rick’s tone. I don’t know what it is."


Setlist at Thompson's Point, Portland, ME on Jul 6, 2023

Set One

The Whales 665


Rockdale 948


Borne 1071


The Way It Is 577


Rosewood Heart 845


Pancakes 1045


Set Two

Feel It Now 787


Dr. Darkness 432


Hot Tea 1452


726 502


Madhuvan 1052



Don't Do It 388


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