Tsongas Center

Lowell, MA

Nov 11, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Wysteria Lane with Trey Anastasio on Guitar
Arcadia with Trey Anastasio on Guitar and Vocals


Brendon 11/15/2023 2:52:41 PM

"Saw this show live, second time seeing Goose, first time seeing TAB. INSANE all the way around from both bands, when they collab its top notch. Before this show I wasnt the biggest fan of Rockdale and after hearing it live its one of my favorite songs! Absolute face melter for about 5 minutes towards the end! loved everything this show. GOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSEEEEE"

mjlocke78 1/12/2023 8:15:02 AM

"Dont sleep on the SOS it is nice...this whole show is great and Trey put the icing on the cake during Wysteria Lane"

blueskywnc 11/28/2022 2:56:27 PM

"Calling on the ghost of skydog and the Bros with that beautiful Arcadia jam. Love all these guys"

Donnie 11/24/2022 8:02:10 AM

"What a set. I love how they just don't want to let go of that arcadia jam!!"

Adam 11/20/2022 3:55:16 AM

"Silver Rising is an underrated song. Didn’t know it was about a werewolf, that makes sense."


Setlist at Tsongas Center, Lowell, MA on Nov 11, 2022

Set One

Drive 1041


Echo of a Rose 379


Rockdale 741


S.O.S. 871


Silver Rising 624


Wysteria Lane 990


Arcadia 933


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