Wall Street Theater

Norwalk, CT

Dec 21, 2019

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Christmas Must Be Tonight {1}, Tumble {2} Gringo (feat. Peter Castaldi) {3}, All I Need > Carol of The Bells {4}, Rosewood Heart > Christmas Wrapping {5} > Yeti > Linus and Lucy {6}

Set 2: Wysteria Lane > Sweet Home Chicago {7} > Arrow {8} > White Lights {9}, Honeybee {10} > Slow Ready, Creatures > Tomorrow Never Knows {11} > Your Ocean {12} > Wysteria Lane {13}

Coach’s Notes:

{1} The Band, FTP (First Time Played) as Goose. Snakes & Handini on acoustic guitars. After the song Handini aka WizKid plugged in the crowd mics so the band could hear the audience. This song was played at a Vasudo holiday show in 2012 at Factory Underground

{2} Tumble was the first song Rick wrote for Vasudo

{3} Written by & featuring our great friend & original Göose band member Peter Castaldi aka “Sticky Ricky Moranis” on guitar & vocals. LTP (Last Time Played) 12.23.15 at Goosemas 2

{4} Mykola Leontovych, LTP Goosemas 2

{5} The Waitresses, LTP 5.18.19 at Domefest. This was the second song Peter played as a member of the band at his first show, Goosemas 4

{6} Vince Guaraldi, LTP Goosemas 2. At the first Goosemas this was played during all three sets

{7} Blues Brothers, FTP

{8} FTP

{9} Fake Snow starting falling over the band & crowd during WL, it was very ted

{10} FTP

{11} The Beatles, FTP

{12} LTP 5.2.15 at O’Neil’s, Norwalk, CT. This song has only been played several times in the band’s existence, as the band wasn’t ready to play it

{13} Went back into the second half of Wysteria, after the “Future” segment of the set. The opening lyrics to the second verse are “Returning from the future”. This segment also featured the Raffle Jam, Handini read the winners of the raffle from the canned food drive. He thanked the crowd & said “We don’t have time for an encore, so we’ll just keep jamming.” As the police were telling us to cut the show


Brother Esau 11/20/2020 1:23:21 PM

"Rocked the rail in the back of the crowd with my crew and some newly discovered friends. Shoutout to Dick! Great show with some new songs debuted. Great gifts from the boys!"


Setlist at Wall Street Theater, Norwalk, CT on Dec 21, 2019

Set One

Introduction 138


Christmas Must Be Tonight 413


Tumble 1045


Gringo 303


All I Need 803


Carol of the Bells 392


Rosewood Heart 651


Christmas Wrapping 298


Yeti 531


Linus and Lucy 198


Set Two

Wysteria Lane 273


Sweet Home Chicago 352


Arrow 888


White Lights 559


Honey Bee 452


Slow Ready 651


Creatures 717


Tomorrow Never Knows 423


Your Ocean 419


Wysteria Lane 246


Raffle Ticket Jam 838


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