West Lawn at Lory Student Center

Fort Collins, CO

Oct 7, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach's Notes:
Silver Rising - Rick's vocal mic was whacked out
Wysteria Lane - Unfinished. With Magic School Bus tease from Peter.
Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant.
Fish In The Sea - Fat Freddy’s Drop

11 seconds of Slow Ready contains missing footage within the streaming video on demand due to technical difficulties.


Max s 10/20/2023 7:37:04 AM

"2nd set is a party"

Deb 10/13/2023 7:40:35 PM

"Stellar 3 nights. My fav show of the three and my hometown. The entire second set was electric. Thanks for the memories. "

Depths of Wysteria 10/12/2023 6:02:53 PM

"Second that wysteria comment. This is ridiculous. So focused and jamming with purpose. Two distinct sections, one of the best collective rhythm jams I've heard from them in the first, evil(ish) Goose in the second with ruck noodling a little more but again, with a purpose. And a nice segue into EE too. Can't get much better than that"

Jride 10/10/2023 5:17:37 PM

"ooooh. nice. damn it…. pretty much every other song i didnt get at Red Rocks. Colorado trifecta right there."

Oogs 10/10/2023 4:23:32 PM

"I'm here for the excellent Wysteria Lane jam. With all those college folks there, I hope this show melted their collective minds. I would have killed for a band like Goose to come through my college campus. "


Setlist at West Lawn at Lory Student Center, Fort Collins, CO on Oct 7, 2023

Set One

Animal 773


Rockdale 820


Silver Rising 790


Wysteria Lane 1166


Electric Avenue 503


Set Two

Fish In The Sea 717


Tumble 790


Red Bird 1024


Moby 240


Slow Ready 772


The Empress of Organos 1078



Arcadia 1030


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