Leftover Salmon

The National

Richmond, VA

Sep 26, 2014

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About Formats
About Formats

Logan 5/13/2015 1:58:41 PM

"First off, I wanted this show BAD after being there. It was easily the best show I've ever seen at the National (and I have been to quite a few there) but I noticed that they hadn't put it up to download so I asked on FB if they would, and, here it is in all it's glory. Mad props to you guys for making my dream of hearing it again come true. The 1st set was ridiculously good (especially for a 1st set) the highlight was definitely Bird Call, it lasted almost 16 minutes and had probably the greatest mandolin solo I have yet to witness. Other than that the Liza, Steampowered Aeroplane, and Gulf of Mexico were also really great versions. After set 1 was over I couldn't believe there was going to be another set of music, so when they came out and killed set 2 even better than the 1st set needless to say I was stunned. Zombie Jamboree opened set 2 and was a nice intro a high speed set. The highlight of the set came next with another 16 minute monster , Doin' my time. The rest of the set was great and I REALLY enjoyed throwing in some Little Feat tunes after Bill joined the band, he is such a great addition I can hardly imagine them without him anymore. Finally the encore, we got another Little Feat tune and then Pasta. Maybe my favorite jam from the entire night (I've heard it now close to 30 times and it never gets old). 5 star show, hope to see you guys back soon so I can throw down on the rail some more with ya!"


Setlist at The National, Richmond, VA on Sep 26, 2014

Set One

Sing up to the Moon 375


Steampowered Aeroplane 296


Liza 213


Bird Call 957


Gulf of Mexico 262


Easy to Slip 243


Better 323


Set Two

Zombie Jamboree 299


Doin' My Time 967


Oh Atlanta 309


Just When You Think It Can't Get No Better 504


The Other Side 323


Better Day 346


Two Highways 489


Keep Drivin' 496



Fat Man In The Bathtub 413


Pasta 683


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