Magic Beans

Paradise Music and Beer Festival

Covington, KY

Jul 8, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

Tudd 7/10/2022 5:06:31 PM

"Hatchey loves Duffy - end of luck. Good set, boys. "

EezyTreezy 7/10/2022 7:17:43 AM

"Great set! My whole neighborhood knows about it now. Turn it up and let em know!"

Year of the Bean 7/9/2022 5:08:13 PM

"The new low-fi psych soul sound is creeping into jams…sooo smooth."

Flick me 7/9/2022 1:47:48 PM

"Nice quick turn around on this show! Hopefully April 6th @ Soundcheck Studios goes up soon..that show fuckedddd!!"


Setlist at Paradise Music and Beer Festival, Covington, KY on Jul 8, 2022

Set One

Give Me Something Real 544


Adonde 1112


Stank Eye 358


Luck 782


Sharon Is Karen 651


To Hell We Ride 225


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