Estadio Mateo Flores

Guatemala City, GTM

Mar 5, 2010

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Show Notes

If you were with us in Guatemala City we're pretty certain you noticed that we had some power problems during the start of the show. From the first notes of Creeping Death, the generators completely failed. And for the first two songs of the set while the crew tried to get the generators going again, we continued to play, but only the drums and vocals could be heard. We took a short break after Bellz for the generators to restart and refuel, and the show continued on with the second playing of Bellz.

Since that show, we have been racking our brains on what to do here with the LiveMetallica Audio. One option would be to repair the missing bits, and give you the best sounding show. Another option would be just leaving it as is... for those of you who like to hear the worst of the worst. After weighing both options, and determined that even this audio was too bad for the worst of the worst category, we decided to give you the show from the start of the second Bellz after all the power problems were resolved. The full show price is now $7.95 mp3 and $12.95 FLAC to hopefully somewhat make up for the missing pieces.  This was a unique situation, and needless to say, one we certainly are doing our best to make sure doesn't happen again!

We had a great time in Guatemala City, and we would like to thank the fans for a kick ass show!



Setlist at Estadio Mateo Flores, Guatemala City, GTM on Mar 5, 2010

Set One

For Whom The Bell Tolls 301


Fuel 264


Harvester Of Sorrow 338


Bass Solo 62


Fade To Black 438


That Was Just Your Life 414


The End of the Line 458


Sad But True 371


Cyanide 407


One 508


Master Of Puppets 476


Blackened 371


Kirk Solo 114


Nothing Else Matters 329


Enter Sandman 424


Encore Jam 86


Last Caress 91


Battery 281


Seek and Destroy 709


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