JPJ Arena

Charlottesville, VA

Oct 17, 2009

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Show Notes

* This was the 102nd show on the World Magnetic Tour and the 76th performance in 2009.

* This was the 14th time that Metallica played in the state of Virginia.

* This was the first time in five years and six months that Metallica performed in Virginia.

* Metallica last performed in Virginia on April 24, 2004 (Roanoke) and April 26, 2004 (Norfolk) during the Madly in Anger With the World Tour.

* Metallica first performed in Virginia on August 3, 1986 in Hampton during the Master of Puppets Tour. Not only was it James' birthday, but it was also the last show the band played while opening for Ozzy Osbourne on his Ultimate Sin Tour.

* In addition to the Master of Puppets Tour and the Madly in Anger With the World Tour, Metallica also played Virginia on the following tours: the Damaged Justice Tour (Norfolk - March 11, 1989, Richmond - July 30 and August 8, 1989), the Wherever We May Roam Tour (Roanoke - Mach 11, 1992, Richmond - March 31, 1992, and Hampton - April 10, 1992), the Poor Touring Me Tour (Roanoke - February 26, 1997 and Hampton - April 2, 1997), and the Poor ReTouring Me Tour (Bristow - June 28, 1998 and Virginia Beach - June 30, 1998.

* This was the US debut of My Apocalypse.

* This was the first time on the World Magnetic Tour that Fade to Black has been performed on back-to-back nights in the US. Again, it occupied the slot normally taken by One while One moved further down the setlist to slot #9.

* This was the first time that Trapped Under Ice was performed in Virginia. This was the 11th time that the song was performed in 2009 and the 15th time it has been performed since 1984.

* This was the first time in 17 years that Stone Cold Crazy was performed in Virginia. It was last played here on April 10, 1992 in Hampton.

* This was the 10th time that Creeping Death was performed in the US in 2009.

* This was the 3rd time that Fuel was performed in the US in 2009.  It was also the 12th time the song has been played, worldwide, in 2009.

* Metallica performed 18 songs tonight from 8 different albums: Kill 'Em All (1 song), Ride the Lightning (3 songs), Master of Puppets (1 song), ...And Justice for All (2 songs), The Black Album (3 songs), ReLoad (1 song), Garage, Inc. (1 songs), and Death Magnetic (6 songs)

* Metallica played 7 songs for the first time in Virginia: That Was Just You Life, The End of the Line, Broken, Beat & Scarred, Cyanide, My Apocalypse, The Day That Never Comes, and Trapped Under Ice



Setlist at JPJ Arena, Charlottesville, VA on Oct 17, 2009

Set One

That Was Just Your Life 441


The End of the Line 478


Creeping Death 373


Fuel 263


Fade To Black 572


Broken, Beat & Scarred 408


Cyanide 436


Sad But True 402


One 486


My Apocalypse 357


Kirk Solo #1 112


The Day That Never Comes 483


Master Of Puppets 480


Blackened 363


Kirk Solo #2 114


Nothing Else Matters 344


Enter Sandman 397


Encore Jam 82


Stone Cold Crazy 170


Trapped Under Ice 302


Seek and Destroy 591


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