Live Earth

London, UK

Jul 7, 2007

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Show Notes
*Metallica participated in the Live Earth concert event, which spanned seven continents, nine shows, 150 artists, and 24 hours of live music to raise awareness for global warming.

  • This is an abbreviated three song set with all proceeds from the sale of downloads of this show donated to four of Live Earth's recommended charities working to help preserve the planet. The Sierra Club, The Apollo Alliance, WWF and Rainforest Action Network will all benefit from your purchase.

  • This was the first time Metallica has played the brand new Wembley Stadium. The only other time Metallica played (the old) Wembley Stadium was at the Concert for Life show back on April 20th, 1992. That show was a tribute to the late Queen singer, Freddie Mercury.

    *The setlist for both Wembley Stadium shows (1992 and Live Earth 2007) contained the same songs, just in a different order.

    *This was the first time Metallica has ever opened with Sad But True.
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    Setlist at Live Earth, London, UK on Jul 7, 2007

    Set One

    Sad But True 352


    Nothing Else Matters 401


    Enter Sandman 382


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