Target Center

Minneapolis, MN

Oct 13, 2009

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Show Notes

* This was the 100th show on the World Magnetic Tour and the 74th performance in 2009.

* This was the 14th time that Metallica played the Minneapolis area and the 16th time that they played the state of Minnesota.

* This was the first time in five years and two months that Metallica performed in the Minneapolis area.

* Metallica last performed in the Minneapolis area on August 16, 2004 in St. Paul on the Madly in Anger With the World Tour.

* Metallica first performed in the Minneapolis area on February 6, 1985 during the Ride the Lightning Tour.

*Metallica also performed in Minneapolis on the Master of Puppets Tour (May 28, 1986), the Monsters of Rock Tour (July 13, 1988), the Damaged Justice Tour (April 21, 1989 and June 10, 1989), the Wherever We May Roam Tour (November 8, 1991), the Guns ‘N Metallica Tour (September 15, 1992), the Poor Touring Me Tour (January 29, 1997), the MetLennium Tour (January 7, 9 and 10, 2000), and the Summer Sanitarium Tour (July 27, 2003).

* Metallica has also played the Minnesota city of Duluth (June 8, 1989 & November 9, 1991).

* Metallica played two songs that have not been played in over 24 years in Minneapolis: Ride the Lightning and Fight Fire With Fire. They both were last played on February 6, 1985 during the band’s first Minneapolis concert.

* This was the first time that Die, Die My Darling was performed in the US since February 1, 2009 in Newark, NJ. This was the 11th time the song has been played in 2009 and the 104th time the song has been played since being debuted on October 18, 1998 at the Playboy Mansion during the premiere party for the movie Orgazmo.

* This was the first time that Holier Than Thou was performed in Minneapolis. It was also the third time that the song was played in the US this year. Prior to its performance on September 14, 2009 in Nashville, the song had not been played for a US audience since November 27, 2004 in Anaheim, CA.

* Metallica performed 18 songs tonight from 7 different albums: Kill ‘Em All (2 songs), Ride the Lightning (2 songs), Master of Puppets (2 songs), ...And Justice for All (1 song), The Black Album (4 songs), Garage, Inc. (1 song), and Death Magnetic (6 songs)

* Metallica played seven songs for the first time in Minneapolis: That Was Just You Life, The End of the Line, Holier Than Thou, Broken, Beat & Scarred, Cyanide, All Nightmare Long, and The Day That Never Comes

* Metallica played three songs that have been played once before in Minneapolis: Ride the Lightning (1 time in 1985), Fight Fire With Fire (1 time in 1985), Die, Die My Darling (1 time in 2000)

* Metallica played eight songs that have been played multiple times Minneapolis: One (10 times), Sad But True (10 times), Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (7 times), Master of Puppets (9 times), Nothing Else Matters (7 times), Enter Sandman (8 times), Motorbreath (2 times), Seek & Destroy (11 times).



Setlist at Target Center, Minneapolis, MN on Oct 13, 2009

Set One

That Was Just Your Life 442


The End of the Line 460


Ride The Lightning 425


Holier Than Thou 238


One 568


Broken, Beat & Scarred 424


Cyanide 443


Sad But True 414


Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 372


All Nightmare Long 468


Kirk Solo #1 110


The Day That Never Comes 481


Master Of Puppets 485


Fight Fire With Fire 290


Kirk Solo #2 128


Nothing Else Matters 336


Enter Sandman 389


Encore Jam 81


Die Die My Darling 149


Motorbreath 228


Seek and Destroy 620


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