The Bridge School Benefit

Mountain View, CA

Oct 27, 2007

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Show Notes
*This was Metallica's second appearance at the all acoustic Bridge School Benefit. Their first appearance took place on October 18 and 19 in 1997. The setlist back than was Low Man's Lyric, Helpless, Tuesday's Gone, Poor Twisted Me, Fade to Black, The Four Horsemen, Nothing Else Matters, and Last Caress.

*I Just Want to Celebrate was originally recorded by Rare Earth in 1971 on the One World album.

*Please Don't Judas Me was originally recorded by Nazareth in 1975 on the Hair of the Dog album.

*Only Happy When It Rains was originally recorded by Garbage in 1995 on the Garbage album.

*Brothers In Arms was originally recorded by Dire Straits in 1985 on the Brothers In Arms album.

*This was the first time All Within My Hands, from 2003's St. Anger, has been performed live in any form.

  • All net proceeds from the sale of downloads of this show will be donated to the Bridge School.
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    Setlist at The Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CA on Oct 27, 2007

    Set One

    I Just Want To Celebrate 401


    • $1.29
    Please Don't Judas Me 476


    • $1.29
    Only Happy When It Rains 338


    • $1.29
    Brothers In Arms 397


    • $1.29
    Disposable Heroes 433


    • $1.29
    All Within My Hands 385


    • $1.29
    Turn the Page 339


    • $1.29
    Nothing Else Matters 409


    • $1.29

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