The Bridge School Benefit

Mountain View, CA

Oct 28, 2007

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Show Notes
*This was the second of two shows benefiting the students of the Bridge School.

*Veteran of the Psychic Wars was originally recorded by Blue Öyster Cult in 1981 on the Fire of Unknown Origin album.

*The last time Metallica performed The Unforgiven in the San Francisco Bay Area was on November 15, 2005 while opening for the Rolling Stones.

*There was a short impromptu jam on …And Justice for All right before Disposable Heroes.

*This was the second time that All Within My Hands has ever been performed live.

  • All net proceeds from the sale of downloads of this show will be donated to the Bridge School.
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    Setlist at The Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CA on Oct 28, 2007

    Set One

    I Just Want To Celebrate 393


    Please Don't Judas Me 466


    Veteran of the Psychic Wars 326


    Brothers In Arms 416


    Disposable Heroes 460


    All Within My Hands 398


    The Unforgiven 392


    Nothing Else Matters 426


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