The Bluestone

Columbus, OH

Dec 30, 2019

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About Formats
About Formats

Fluffy Foxes 1/11/2020 11:08:31 PM

"Nothing Papadosio does is an accident. Not the size of their venues being scaled back, and definitely not the way in which the arc of their show worked as a spell of the sensuous, casting simple spaces for everything human to happen within it's own flow, guided underneath by a wonderous force of emotion, creating a very sexual theme that the whole setlist fit within. I realized this in moments where the music seemed to be rhythmically marching towards an intense feeling of immediacy, almost like the moment in a horror movie where the killer steps in the open doorway and your pulse pounds in your temple as time stands still for a second. Except instead of your blood freezing in terror, it's coursing through veins in a rush of new love, and you're becoming self aware in a moment that something very deeply joyous to you is about to peak into full blossom and you're sharing this with your self and your lover in a fervor but not so as to overwhelm the intimate step of each progressing touch, each added twist and soft curl teasing out more of your inner joy and your inner fear pulling it deep from up within you for you to finally and clearly do something with so that all of you, as one glorious experience of life, can move forward and realize your light. And it always back off exactly when that has been pulled forth, and it lets you be within the enlightening of the work you just did. The music becomes playful but undemanding and sits without ambition in a childlike pose, beckoning forth whatever comed to mind. It is written so intentionally like a code to underwrite everything people do that it hurts a little to realize and accept that as the potential of art and music. "


Setlist at The Bluestone, Columbus, OH on Dec 30, 2019

Set One

Intro 113


New Love 579


Fanfare for the Rain People 700


Find Your Cloud 590


Threes 679


Pool of Stars 403


Magreenery 949


The Wrong Nostalgia 278


Puddles For Oceans 832


Euclidean Lights 670


Puddles For Oceans 195


135 Improv 741


Magreenery 107


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