Tea Leaf Green

Looking West Redux

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

"Looking West" was originally recorded and released on CD in 2009, capturing Tea Leaf Green at a moment of peak performance. The lineup at the time included Trevor Garrod, Josh Clark, Scott Rager and Reed Mathis. The band tracked the album live together, capturing the pure quartet sound before the lineup became more risky and experimental in the years that followed.

When the album first came out Keyboardist Trevor Garrod wrote:

"We've been waiting a long time to make this record. In a band like ours we have so many songs that we play and love but never had a chance to record in the studio. It's almost as if we've loved these songs too much and were afraid to encase them forever behind the iron bars of a vacuum sealed, shrink wrapped studio album."

The album was originally produced by bassist Reed Mathis, who remembers:

“The band invited me to take a turn as producer, and I think I actually did something close to a really good job … rrrrrright up until it was time to seal the deal, at which point I kinda dropped the ball. We rushed the album out to the marketplace, and because it had been mixed in a van hurtling down the interstate during the...  more


Released May 21, 2021

Trevor Garrod - Keyboards & Vocals

Josh Clark - Guitar & Vocals

Reed Mathis - Bass Guitar

Scott Rager - Drums

Produced by Reed Mathis

Mixed by: Reed Mathis & Kevin Frederichson

© 2021 Greenhouse Records



Can't Get High 370


Carter Hotel 211


Bastard Brother 255


Without A Broom 270


Rattlin' 263


Jackson Hole 294


Dreaming Without Sleeping 261


Emma Lee 328


Bouncing Betty 296


Don't Let It Down 272


Drink Of Streams 326


Forgiven 391


Looking West 425


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