The Disco Biscuits


Baltimore, MD

Dec 28, 2006

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About Formats
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Astronate 5/23/2021 5:01:13 AM

"@ethan def drunken sailor sennnnnn"

Ethan 1/30/2021 9:06:30 AM

"Is that drunken sailor during dribble?"

AmshMisfit 2/21/2007 9:14:33 AM

"This show rocks.... possibly the best from the whole run. Svenghali is twisted as f*ck, and the show only gets better. Do yourself a favor."

The Antelope 1/4/2007 8:39:22 PM

"I`m not sure I agree about the first set being a slow start. I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I was digging on that gnarly fast guitar riff around the end of Svengali. Ever since Phish broke up I`ve been curious to see who they would sort of pass the torch onto, as the dead did to them. Finally, in this fall tour and NYE run, The Disco Biscuits have proven that they are the only band who could really occupy the jam throne. So many other jam bands are doing things that really aren`t original, and that`s why we are the bisco shows. Those boys are fuckin` trail blazers."

Will 1/4/2007 12:41:51 PM

"I felt it took them a bit to get going in the first set which is uncharacteristic on them. But the second set was sick."


Setlist at Sonar, Baltimore, MD on Dec 28, 2006

Set One

Svenghali 1180


7-11 704


Run Like Hell 1885


Floodlights 603


I-man 1343


Set Two

Intro 77


Mulberry's Dream 833


Mindless Dribble 1385


Little Shimmy In A Conga Line 1247


Songs Of Joy 507


Aquatic Ape 670



And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night 479


Solstice 600


And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night 276


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