The String Cheese Incident

Hill Auditorium

Ann Arbor, MI

Oct 28, 2004

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Show Notes
  • Photos by Brian Cole
  • Reviews

    Marc K. 1/1/2005 8:14:33 PM

    "What a rockin` show! The tunes were bright, the jams were deep, and the crowd was craving the cheese. Suntan & OTR got the evening started right. One Step lead in to Ramble On, which was out of sight. Nice groovy MLT with some sweet percussion. Hats off to Jason Hahn, I hope to see plenty more of him!! His drummin with Travis was great and kept the audience goin` wild. Lost and Can`t Stop Now ended this vibrant first set. Kept the evening rolling with RTW, Seventh Step, and a SWEET Search which led into a great percussion jam. 45th was nice, another highlight for me, and then Come As You Are. Finished with Johnny Cash. Encored with Dirk. Came back out with SOTOTW as a second encore, a great bluegrassy end to an energetic show that touched on just about everything. The Cheese was wild and crazy in Ann Arbor, we hope to see them back real soon!!"

    Billy Lahti 11/9/2004 5:20:56 AM

    "This was my first time seeing these guys live, and it was well worth the effort. Hill is a fantastic room with unbelievable sound, and this show proves it. A little bit of everything, this show was great rock & roll, but beyond that great music. It may not come through on the recording, but the crowd was absolutely bonkers for the Cheese. Excellent show."

    Matthew Monczka 11/4/2004 7:32:06 AM

    "Entire show is smoking. Great song selection, along with inspired playing from the guys. Jason Hann was out of control. "

    Gregor Nelson 11/3/2004 10:21:27 PM

    "After some delays getting in to Ann Arboor from the great white north, I made the pilgrimage up front to soak it all in. We arrived midway through Ramble On and the energy in the room was already quite vibrant. The tail end of the first set was tight; nice MLT and a fresh Lost>Can`t Stop Now. Second set spearheaded in to a heady Round the Wheel; one of my favorite trademark tunes that will forever inspire me to go riding in the mountains. All was a haze after Round the Wheel...I recall really enjoying 45th of Novemer and really digging the reggae vibes of Bend Down Low. Musically, I recall The Cheese playing like a fine tuned machine; vocals were bang on, drums were creating a wall of sound effect through their relentless pounding, and all of the instrumentation weaved very nicely together. Although this show was nothing to write home to mom about, I can genuinely say that The Stringcheese Incident are all class. They just keep getting better everytime I see them...All I have to say is Radio City baby...Radio City... Lots` of love and positive vibrations from the great white north... Gregor "


    Setlist at Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI on Oct 28, 2004

    Set One

    Intro 61


    Suntan 438


    On The Road 592


    Chatter 84


    One Step Closer 551


    Ramble On 457


    MLT 605


    Percussion Jam 54


    MLT 70


    Lost 517


    Can't Stop Now 302


    Set Two

    Intro 66


    'Round The Wheel 915


    Seventh Step 513


    Search 364


    Percussion Jam 316


    45th of November 529


    Bend Down Low 431


    Boogie's Jam 454


    Come As You Are 681


    Johnny Cash 577


    First Encore

    Chatter 71


    Dirk 695


    Second Encore

    Chatter 94


    Sittin' On Top Of The World 286


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