The String Cheese Incident

Farm Aid at Ruoff Music Center

Noblesville, IN

Sep 23, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

Cyclone 9/25/2023 12:52:44 PM

"It was odd to listen to them try and "cut down" songs for a brief festival set, but it serves its purpose well enough. Having Shine in the setlist where it was is the most odd offender, as the jam and build to the climax is all removed in favor of a Hi Ho No Show segue. I wasn't at the show, but these last two specifically it seemed like they were trying to rush through a bit - probably for time constraints - and the result is only so-so."


Setlist at Farm Aid at Ruoff Music Center, Noblesville, IN on Sep 23, 2023

Set One

Intro 59


Can't Wait Another Day 355


Lend Me A Hand 420


Colorado Bluebird Sky 355


Shine 353


Hi Ho No Show 387


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