The String Cheese Incident

Orpheum Theatre

Boston, MA

Dec 4, 2011

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • FLAC-HD recorded at 24bit/48 khz
  • Thanks to Brian Spady for the great photos!



Robbie 12/11/2011 11:41:35 AM

"I made it out for both NYC and Boston, had a great time at all three but Friday was definitely weak, lots of a newer stuff - not as fluid. Saturday was awesome, the playing was tight and I got to hear a few songs I really wanted to, but Sunday... ohhhh man Sunday... through the roof. I've listened to em all and I would put this show right up there with Nashville for the best show of the tour. Spectacular setlist, played amazingly well. There was a strong universal vibe in the Orpheum that night, Kyle even acknowledged it as a very special show during the encore chatter. Loved the disco jam during the bluegrass encore!! That balcony was BOUNCING! Get this show."

Ryan H 12/8/2011 1:21:40 AM

"Sunday funday! Amazing venue, minus security and the aisle pushers, harpoon IPA on tap but absolutely amazing show coming off the just ok NYC run imo. Little hands and Yo Se killed it and brought back memories of past cheese, jellyfish rocked a band-wide tequila chug, outside inside was a creative kang nershi duel in a "mysterious ways" sandwich, and bluegrass encore with blackberry blossom and white freightliner was a perfect end to a stellar night. Must have show from start to finish!"

Dave B 12/7/2011 10:04:42 AM

"The atmosphere in the vintage, classically drawn Orpheum was amazing. The energetic Desert Dawn started things off in what became an all night groovefest. The place was a sea of moving bodies from my view high above in the bouncing balcony. Billy showed his hacky sack skills keeping a stray balloon in the air passing it over to Michael and Keith. Bill's awesome voice and strings fill a perfect set of Little Hands, while Michaels out of this world skills on his several instruments bring the energy through the roof, especially when he's fiddling at a mean pace!!! Later a phenomenal dive into the depths of Water, and a fitting cover of Walk this Way with that trademark SCI country bluegrass kick, and a fun Jellyfish that seemed to float, glow and drift with the swirling lights on the ornate ceiling of the theater. Kyle's genius bridged everything together from the throaty hammond grooves to the super fast, clean rolling fingertips present in so many of the powerful jams and solos! The guys sounded great- the Roots Run Deep tour is clearly proving to alot of folks that SCI's upside is still the size of Everest! These guys are just meant to jam so cohesively and brush the walls with music that is truly one of a kind! Thanks for making 12/4/11 an Incident I'll never forget!"

Peter F. 12/5/2011 8:50:39 AM

"Great sets. Loved the Aerosmith tribute to Boston. Good music, good people, good times. Hppy Birthday Jesse!"

Justin 12/5/2011 7:10:02 AM

" has been too long. For anyone who has not been to the Orpheum in Boston - get there. Located next to the Boston Commons, it is a tremendous location for meandering around before and after the show. The theater itself is a throwback to an era long past - elongated floor and steep balcony that shakes. Exceptionally good to hear Little Hands - and the cover of Mysterious Ways involved everyone in the audience - those that are long-time followers and those that were hearing them for the first time. Things sound really good - lots of smiles on stage. The last Jellyfish I heard was in Kansas City (or somewhere in MO) and they passed the bottle of Tequila around for Billy's b-day - it was great to see it happen all over again. The Boston crowd certainly demonstrated that they are glad to have these boys back playing - the give and take from the audience was en fuego - wow - folks were bouncing all night. It was a sweat filled ride home - "


Setlist at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA on Dec 4, 2011

Set One

Desert Dawn 674


  • $0.99
Got What He Wanted 598


  • $0.99
Yo Sé 516


  • $0.99
Look at Where We Are 368


  • $0.99
Little Hands 934


  • $1.29
Mouna Bowa 454


  • $0.99
Walk This Way 372


  • $0.99

Set Two

¡Bam! 654


  • $0.99
Rhythm Of The Road 1029


  • $1.29
Water 825


  • $1.29
So Far From Home 548


  • $0.99
Rosie 573


  • $0.99
Jellyfish 215


  • $0.99
Happy Birthday Jesse 170


  • $0.99
Jellyfish 546


  • $0.99
Outside and Inside 332


  • $0.99
Mysterious Ways 270


  • $0.99
Outside and Inside 340


  • $0.99


Chatter 104


  • $0.99
Blackberry Blossom 203


  • $0.99
Orpheum Jam 424


  • $0.99
Blackberry Blossom 40


  • $0.99
White Freightliner Blues 327


  • $0.99

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