The String Cheese Incident

Wiltern Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

Dec 6, 2003

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Show Notes
  • This show is from the sold-out Moving Records/Instant OTR project, and is now made available once again, exclusively, as a digital download.

  • Recorded & Mastered by Luke Harper & Braden Stadlman - Moving Records, Mankato MN
  • Reviews

    Pauly D 4/6/2022 10:59:04 AM

    "The earlier shows in 2003 were pretty good, then they did a 4 day run in San Francisco that was bad and they havent sounded good since. This show however is pretty good for 03"

    The J B sky 1/21/2022 8:44:39 PM

    "The Wiltern crowd with the older school vibes and la looks… living in Cali and on a date with my still always love, we saw a ton of cheese. This run has actual musical memories of the sci transition for me. You can hear elements of traditional cheese and what I enthusiastically called the DiscoCheeseTrance when it worked. The in between would be found in the tired (but still enjoyable) hotel window, at that time. These are a great 2 shows for anyone into SCI. What up Fam. J B "

    Dave 5/25/2007 12:56:13 AM

    "This is a great show from a great tour. 2003 was the last great year of old school cheese. Get this show and the night before for the Best Feeling, Ring Of Fire, and Born on the Wrong Planet. The Impressions > Hotel Window > Come as You Are > Way Back Home from this night is incredible. I remember these two nights at the Wiltern fondly. It was always a great place to see the band. If you want the best show of 2003, however, tune into two nights later in Redwood City. "


    Setlist at Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA on Dec 6, 2003

    Set One

    Shine 1016


    Mouna Bowa 538


    Sirens 423


    Rainbow Serpent 497


    Miss Brown's Teahouse 1041


    Little Hands 1119


    Dudley's Kitchen 224


    Set Two

    Can't Stop Now 322


    Lost 519


    Impressions 1082


    Hotel Window 604


    Come As You Are 705


    Way Back Home 862


    Daryl 289



    High On A Mountain Top 561


    How Sweet It Is 435


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