Underground Springhouse

The Mansion

Farmville, VA

Mar 29, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Mixed by Ben Gartenstein

Roses Are Free (Ween)

Butter Rum (Goose)

Cayman Review (Trey Anastasio Band)


Rabid dawg 8/1/2023 11:05:38 AM

"Stinkiest greasiest and nastiest show I’ve been apart of in a while. Until the pigs busted it up the boys were melting faces into the worsham soil. They had some serious heat lined up from viewing the set list (tall boy, bears gone fishin, estimated prophet) but the cops must’ve gotten word that there would be too much public nudity once they broke those out from all the panties dropping. Helluva show for what it was."

Barleenwuzadream 7/31/2023 8:16:28 PM

"Me and a couple of buddies heard last second that spring house was coming in hot to the boonies. We decided to drive down from Charlottesville after seeing them at the Jefferson a couple of times. All boys school this all boys school that, one things for sure it’s a nasty greasy time. Spring house was on fire for the time that they were on stage, but you know you’re in the right place when people were yelling for chilly water instead of country roads. Also there was this kid named Brant, guys a frat beast. "

Chillymfwater 7/28/2023 8:09:39 PM

"Was at the show. Julian>Caymen Review>Julian was illegally epic. Literally. Cops showed up, titties were out, everyone was getting laid. Before they started, Max sat in with opener and dropped panties with a killer hot tea. "


Setlist at The Mansion, Farmville, VA on Mar 29, 2023

Set One

I Recall 357


Roses Are Free 701


Gimmeadial 399


Butter Rum 325


Julian 205


Cayman Review 407


Julian 568


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