Counting Crows

Susquehanna Bank Center

Camden, NJ

Aug 9, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

Opening ACt 8/15/2008 7:22:23 AM

"Did the Counting Crows open for Maroon 5 or the other way around? I am going to see them in Milwaukee and Maroon 5 is supposed to be the opening act."

J.S. 8/14/2008 7:05:01 PM

"It was a great show, too bad that they didn't play longer, but Maroon 5 was great as well. I was hoping that they would play Mrs. Potter's Lullaby, but Colorblind and Mr. Jones were great to hear. I can't wait for the next tour to see them again."

matt 8/14/2008 6:05:56 PM

"I've heard from soooo many people that the crows suck...i mean suck...not one positive comment came from anyone who say them live. So I said to myself i have to go see them to believe this in hopes that they were all wrong. Boy...were they right. They were horrible. I mean as bad as you can get. And to whoever mentioned how well they connect with the crowd... ::spills beer all over carpet because of insane laughter rolling all over the ground:: This band needs to stop performing. It's a sin you have to pay for this garbage."

nic 8/14/2008 1:40:42 PM

"Wow first time show and I was so impressed! Very emotional, my heart melted some. Adam and the guys have such a connection with the crowd. Can't wait to see them again!"

ryerye 8/13/2008 11:05:04 AM

"Would've been a great show if Counting Crows didn't open for M5!! I agree with previous reviews, I'd love to see a solo tour. "


Setlist at Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ on Aug 9, 2008

Set One

Intro 84


Omaha 229


Daylight Fading 232


Rain King 461


Colorblind 229


Richard Manuel Is Dead 229


Mr. Jones 476


Washington Square 262


Sundays 256


Hard Candy 310


A Murder Of One 794


Goodnight LA 260


A Long December 425


Community Outreach Program 218


Walkaways 68


outro 65


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