Aggie Theatre

Fort Collins, CO

Sep 29, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Coming Up - Paul McCartney cover

Hux (Wit' It) - With Tom Sawyer (Rush) teases

Remind Me - Emily King cover

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World cover, with Interior People (KGLW) teases


Egg Man 10/13/2023 8:12:37 AM

"This show was all smiles from the band and from crowd. Stand outs are lost and found and portable air scrubber. Really great first set that featured new material not posted here. Lost and found had a really funky ring mod jam. Second set was full of amazing improv, shout out the jazz singers in Ricky. Fun encore that sent everyone out with some nostalgia and smiles. Thanks boys "

Brad 10/12/2023 6:34:43 AM

"This show was so much fun"

Mr melt my face 10/11/2023 7:08:41 PM

"Although I love this show they never play what I want in CO"

BIG PUSSY 10/11/2023 10:30:01 AM

"So pumped to see Island Afterlife on the setlist. Such a great original tune. Keep up the good vibes "

Egg man 10/11/2023 6:26:23 AM

"This band was all smiles in FoCo, having as much fun as we were. First set has lots of great songs including new ones left off. Coming Up continues to impress, and lost and found has some really great improv full of effects and pocket grooves. Second set is just stacked with fantastic jamming and fun. The jazz singer break in Ricky was a great time. Eggy continues to dominate my brain. Thanks guys "


Setlist at Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO on Sep 29, 2023

Set One

Upside Down 550


Apology 497


Solid Ground 400


Farthest Step 592


Coming Up 454


Lost and Found 1112


Set Two

Hux (Wit' It) 889


Last of Kin 699


Remind Me 1158


Ricky Gervais 588


Island Afterlife 301


Portable Air Scrubber 1340



The Middle 587


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