Brighton Music Hall

Boston, MA

Nov 16, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker cover

The Bitch Is Back - FTP, Elton John cover, With Tommy and Chewy from Funky Dawgz

Eggy Birthday Song - For Dani


Burnt egg 1/12/2024 10:36:28 AM

"Boom or bust could be a jam of the year for any band in the scene for 2023. These guys just continue to get better and better "

Yolkmaster 12/10/2023 7:38:32 AM

"This boom or bust made me fall in love with eggy . "

Zackary 11/25/2023 1:10:27 PM

"Was at this show… like no other live show I’ve ever seen. Never have had the feeling to follow a band until I saw eggy"

Mr. Porkslop Jones 11/25/2023 8:31:05 AM

"This is a tremendous show. Such a great Boom or Bust with a simply monstrous jam. The Funky Dawgz sit-in was great as well "

CS 11/24/2023 12:42:29 PM

"Feelin Alright indeed "


Setlist at Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA on Nov 16, 2023

Set One

One Stop Shop 580


Solid Ground 417


Sweat Equity 692


Feelin' Alright 486


Boom or Bust 1922


The Bitch Is Back 551


Eggy Birthday Song 79


Wayless 1132



Zugzwang 806


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