HI-FI Indy

Indianapolis, IN

Feb 18, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Time Escaping - Big Thief cover

Let It Rock - Chuck Berry cover

12 Pounds of Pain - With The Ocean (Led Zeppelin) and 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago) teases

Last of Kin - With Let It Rock (Chuck Berry) teases

Coming Up - Paul McCartney cover, With West L.A. Fadeaway (Grateful Dead) teases

Tom Corn Walker - With Rufus on saxophone

Zugzwang - With It’s Ice (Phish) teases


Phat Grunt 3/1/2024 5:58:46 AM

"Very brief “We’re off to see the wizard” tease in Tiny Miracles. God damn I love this band. "

Rufus fan 2/28/2024 4:18:44 PM

"Always a glorious evening when Rufus decides to drop in "

Ben 2/25/2024 9:33:50 PM

"I really had a great time in the show. One of the coolest parts was when Donnie started playing the keyboard with his head at the end of Finding and Losing. Sadly the solo gets lost in the mix and it’s a bit hard to hear. Really great show besides that"

Banski913 2/23/2024 5:48:04 PM

"Been waiting for this all week! Was my first Eggy show. Highlight for me was Finding and Losing. Had to go outside at the end of set 1 to cool off from dancing so hard!! Can’t wait to see them again."

jbeastham365 2/23/2024 12:59:49 PM

"This set list is pure gold. So lucky to all who were there. These guys are truly Coming Up!!! "


Setlist at HI-FI Indy, Indianapolis, IN on Feb 18, 2024

Set One

Time Escaping 547


Gretchen 278


Rosetta Stone 639


Tiny Miracles 777


Let It Rock 823


Finding and Losing 1323


Set Two

12 Pounds of Pain 1061


Lake Monster 216


Last of Kin 708


Coming Up 921


Apology 462


Tom Corn Walker 671


Shadow 760



Zugzwang 766


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