Jefferson Theatre

Charlottesville, VA

Oct 26, 2021

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

I Was Born (No I Wasn't) - Live debut

Time Loves A Hero by Little Feat, with Casa De Mel (Brad Goodall) and Black Market (Weather Report) teases. 

Supporting Spafford 


Adam ?? 11/10/2021 5:46:06 PM

"Watched on YouTube, this set is an instant classic. Bangers from the jump all the way through. This will get a lot of spins from me. Keep it up guys, much appreciated! "


Setlist at Jefferson Theatre, Charlottesville, VA on Oct 26, 2021

Set One

Solid Ground 445


Lost and Found 840


I Was Born (No I Wasn't) 279


Lost and Found 110


Time Loves a Hero 971


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