Portland House of Music

Portland, ME

Mar 16, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Remind Me - Emily King cover
Shadow - With Tom Sawyer (Rush) teases
Tom Sawyer - Rush cover
All Wheels Turnin' - With Fly Away teases and quotes


Kevin 4/17/2024 6:05:31 PM

"First time seeing Eggy, will be sure to see them whenever they’re in the area from now on. This show was killer. Have gone back to remind me and all wheels turnin more than I’d like to admit. "

Dogs Stole My Face 4/11/2024 9:18:12 AM

"This show is awesome. Remind Me cover has grown on me with time and this one really feels good. Relisten quality is very high"

Emilykang 4/1/2024 4:50:14 PM

"Dude this band rips so hard. Bringing artistry back to jam band music (and I mean that in the least pretentious way possible!). But these guys really seem like they have a collective mission when they make improvised music. "

Cbus Egg 3/28/2024 1:38:50 PM

"The best shadow? Gotta be up there "

TomCornParker 3/28/2024 4:12:51 AM

"Pretty solid show. Might not have the highlights of some other offerings from this tour, but Tom Sawyer and the fly away jam inside all wheels turning were mint "


Setlist at Portland House of Music, Portland, ME on Mar 16, 2024

Set One

Northern Lights 400


Sweaters For Strawmen 338


Rosetta Stone 677


Remind Me 545


Fly Frederick Fly 624


Shadow 914


Set Two

One Stop Shop 736


Wireless 775


Tom Sawyer 1139


What I Know 356


All Wheels Turnin' 1113



Shells 771


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