The Charleston Pour House

Charleston, SC

Jun 12, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

You and Me - Alternate version

Burritos El Chavo 2 - If I Only Had a Brain (Judy Garland) and Heartless (Kanye West) teases

Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills and Nash cover, Scabbard (Trey Anastasio) tease

Wireless - Hypnotize (The Notorious B.I.G) and Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) teases

Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton cover

Golden Gate Dancer - Bluegrass style

Show Notes: Back deck, full acoustic show. Jake and Mike played acoustic guitar/bass, Dani and Alex had stripped down rigs.


Sorry 8/6/2022 12:52:51 AM

"Fuck goose gimme this"

Egg 6/23/2022 4:25:51 PM

"She’s a beaut she is"

Big Pussy 6/21/2022 3:13:22 PM

"Wow, this is really good. These guys can crush it in several different musical settings and dynamics. I feel like they’re about to blast off for real! Let’s go"

Weed2thewise 6/19/2022 8:30:49 AM

"Absolutely beautiful quality of recording super super killer wireless"

Colin 6/19/2022 5:16:46 AM

"Love this !"


Setlist at The Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC on Jun 12, 2022

Set One

Between You and Me 349


Burritos El Chavo 2 810


Southern Cross 983


High Noon 309


Wireless 919


Lay Down Sally 612


All The Way Down (Shadow Part 2) 606


Watercolor Days 760



Golden Gate Dancer 541


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