The Commonwealth Room

Salt Lake City, UT

Mar 8, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Sussudio - Phil Collins cover

Supporting Twiddle 


Cameron Lyman 3/28/2023 5:58:24 AM

"Wanted to see these guys really bad. Then they opened for twiddle. So good! Can't wait until I'm going to see eggy, and they have no opener. 10/10 will see again multiple times. In fact, went to 10 mile to see that show cause it was just too good. "


Setlist at The Commonwealth Room, Salt Lake City, UT on Mar 8, 2023

Set One

Shadow 484


Burritos El Chavo 2 761


Sussudio 676


City Lights 437


Golden Gate Dancer 627


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