The Loft - Martha's Vineyard

Oak Bluffs, MA

Sep 10, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Beaver Creek > Nearly Always Late > Right Down The Line, Zugzwang, Last of Kin, Hungry Like The Wolf, Shells

Beaver Creek and Nearly Always - Jake on pedal steel

Right Down The Line - FTP, Gerry Rafferty cover, Jake on pedal steel

Hungry Like The Wolf - FTP, Duran Duran cover, with Jeremy Schon on guitar

Show Notes: Supporting Pigeons Playing Ping Pong


Pedal Steel! 8/26/2023 8:27:21 PM

"I am super thankful for this show, absolutely love the sound of Eggy with pedal steel. I keep coming back to listen to this, we’ll done. Also Rippin Zugzwang and Last of Kin. "

Nad Ress 9/24/2022 8:45:23 AM

"A PLUS SHOW!!! This is how you open a night!!! Finally got my Zugzwang and it was in MV!!!!!! "

Yeah Doug! 9/22/2022 2:01:17 PM

"Right down the line is such a sick cover. Pedal steel sounds great. "

Wayne Fontayne 9/22/2022 9:20:18 AM

"2 epic covers!! Excellent choices"

Doug 9/22/2022 8:02:42 AM

"Right Down the Line? Dude. I love these guys and their covers. Keep up the incredible work. "


Setlist at The Loft - Martha's Vineyard, Oak Bluffs, MA on Sep 10, 2022

Set One

Beaver Creek 169


Nearly Always Late 303


Right Down The Line 435


Zugzwang 794


Last of Kin 711


Hungry Like The Wolf 646


Shells 456


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