The Peach Music Festival - Mushroom Stage

Scranton, PA

Jul 1, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Time Escaping - Big Thief cover

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - with Daniel Donato on guitar (Crosby, Stills and Nash cover)


Justin 7/12/2022 9:52:18 AM

"This set is pure flames all the way the through "

^ 7/10/2022 1:39:28 PM

"Nothing to see here, just realized those lyrics came from Crosby stills nash ??"

Florida Guy 7/10/2022 1:35:57 PM

"Great set! Is that Armada Latina by Cypress hill / Marc Anthony / pitbull at the end of Judy blue eyes good Fing lord it’s hot"

Egg 7/9/2022 5:37:54 AM

"^ they played the pavilion this year haha! Scroll back 1 show "

Rochester 7/9/2022 2:15:31 AM

"It only took one year to go from small stage to medium, you guys are playing pavilion next year!"


Setlist at The Peach Music Festival - Mushroom Stage, Scranton, PA on Jul 1, 2022

Set One

Last of Kin 489


Finding and Losing 793


Time Escaping 495


Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 934


Golden Gate Dancer 447


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