The Southern

Charlottesville, VA

Jan 28, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

Shells! 4/13/2022 5:37:36 PM

"Fucking gaaaaaaassssss"

Snot Boogie 2/15/2022 10:49:07 AM

"Bass playing is wonderful. Burreatles funk jam is the absolute truth. Envelope filter sounds dope"

NobleAntiguo 2/9/2022 4:22:38 PM

"They’re sounding better than ever this tour, but I also am especially loving the bass! "

ByTheGallon 2/8/2022 8:00:55 PM

"The bass playing on Second Step! Tickles the tummy ??"


Setlist at The Southern, Charlottesville, VA on Jan 28, 2022

Set One

Second Step 387


Burreatles 1108


Shells 997


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