The Wonder Bar

Asbury Park, NJ

Apr 29, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Let It Rock - Chuck Berry cover, with Jack from Turtle Logic on guitar

Spanish Moon - Little Feat cover, with Jimmy from Dogs In A Pile on guitar

Buying Time - With Jimmy from Dogs In A Pile on guitar

Interior People - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard cover


bulldogphan 1/24/2024 9:30:56 PM

"insane spanish moon here"

Bud Parker 5/10/2023 11:25:08 AM

"special guests were very special indeed. Jack from Turtle Logic scratched out a hot little sit-in, he found his groove and improvised nicely. Jimmy Law? I didn't even know who he was, just saw some kid with curly hair putting a set of pedals on the stage, and I had to ask merch guy Preston who he was. then I was like "ohhhhh" lol. of course if you've heard it, you know it was soooo wicked. now I gotta check out DIAP. Absolutely loving watching this band grow and mature. To the moon Eggy, to the moon."

Jake Brownstein enthusiast 5/10/2023 7:52:05 AM

"Jake’s chemistry w Jimmy on this is great. Reminds me of when he plays with donato. This tour has been phenomenal so far. "

K Dub 5/9/2023 11:09:26 AM

"I hear your little “Waves” teases in Onitsuka Tiger! Sweet Phish nod, great show fells!"


Setlist at The Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, NJ on Apr 29, 2023

Set One

Here and Now 704


Sweaters For Strawmen 306


Shadow 849


Let It Rock 546


Farthest Step 1132


Set Two

Onitsuka Tiger 1566


Spanish Moon 1061


Buying Time 963


Interior People 606



Golden Gate Dancer 872


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