King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Carson Creek Ranch

Austin, TX

May 2, 2014

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Ambrose Kenny-Smith: Harmonica, Keys, Vocals

Cook Craig: Guitar, Bass

Eric Moore: Drums

Joey Walker: Guitar, Vocals

Lucas Skinner: Bass

Michael Cavanagh: Drums

Stu Mackenzie: Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by Craig Lawrence

Mixed By Stu Mackenzie

Mastered by Joe Carra

Cover & art by Jason Galea and Jamie Wdziekonski


Jimmy 11/4/2022 10:14:49 PM

"Every song is so good, not bad for FIRST show in the US… and Wholly Ghost f***in’ rocks"

PolygondwanaBrad 12/10/2021 12:19:24 PM

"The Wholly Ghost!!!!!"


Setlist at Carson Creek Ranch, Austin, TX on May 2, 2014

Set One

I'm In Your Mind 221


I'm Not In Your Mind 151


Cellophane 193


I'm In Your Mind Fuzz 166


The Wholly Ghost 245


Sleepwalker 266


Am I In Heaven? 391


Head On/Pill 1008


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