Dreamfest at City Hall at Civic Center Plaza

San Francisco, CA

Sep 26, 2018

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About Formats
About Formats

An interesting show to say the least. 4/5/2019 1:33:17 PM

" First off, horrible crowd. Lame, no energy, no participation. Ive never seen 100,000 people look so dead at a concert. That being said, this show was musically one of the best I’ve seen from them. This was an important show, not because of the dreamfest crap, but because it was the day before the anniversary of Cliff’s death (RiP). This made for a unique vibe. They played For Whom The Bell Tolls in its original tuning!! And an excerpt of the Orion bass solo leading into the best Fade To Black I’ve ever heard. Seriously. Listen to this Fade To Black. The rain had just started to come down in a perfect sprinkle. Not too heavy, just enough to make it look epic. James looked pretty emotional while playing it this time while singing. Then Kirk stepped out and shredding the best solo of Fade To Black I’ve ever heard. He very rarely improvises anything so this was such a rare treat for Metallica fans. The rain, the unique solo, the subtle tribute to Cliff. All in all, not even close to the best show, but it contains some of the best moments I’ve ever heard from the boys. I feel lucky to have been there and that I can relive it on here now."


Setlist at Dreamfest at City Hall at Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, CA on Sep 26, 2018

Set One

Hardwired 221


Creeping Death 392


Seek and Destroy 440


For Whom The Bell Tolls 311


The Unforgiven 450


Now That We're Dead 459


Moth Into Flame 393


Fade to Black 561


Sad But True 414


One 522


Master Of Puppets 602


Nothing Else Matters 430


Enter Sandman 488


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