Rod Laver Arena

Melbourne, AU

Nov 20, 2010

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

* This was the 181st show on the World Magnetic Tour and the 62nd performance in 2010.

* This was the eleventh time that Metallica performed in Melbourne.

* The following six songs were performed in Melbourne for the first time: The God That Failed, My Apocalypse, No Leaf Clover, The Outlaw Torn, Dyers Eve, Phantom Lord

* This was only the second time that The God That Failed was played on the World Magnetic Tour. The song has only been performed 17 times in the last decade.

* My Apocalypse was performed for the eleventh time in 2010 and for only the third time on the Australian continent.

* This was the first 2010 performance of The Outlaw Torn and only the twelfth time the song has been played since its release in 1996. This was the third time that Outlaw appeared on a World Magnetic setlist.

* This was the first time in 18 months that the band played a song off of Load.

* This was the first time that Dyers Eve was played in over a year. It was last performed on November 15, 2009 in New York, NY.

* The following four songs were performed in Melbourne for the second time: Cyanide, Ride the Lightning, Through the Never, Stone Cold Crazy

* Both Through the Never and Stone Cold Crazy were played in Melbourne for the first time in over 17 years. Both songs were last played in Melbourne on April 3, 1993.

* This was the fourth time that That Was Just Your Life was played in Melbourne.

* This was the seventh time that Welcome Home (Sanitarium) was played in Melbourne.

* The following four songs were played in Melbourne for the tenth time: Sad But True, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Seek & Destroy

* One and Master of Puppets are the only two songs to have been performed at all eleven Melbourne shows since 1989.

* Metallica performed 18 songs tonight from 7 different albums: Kill ‘Em All (2 songs), Ride the Lightning (1 song), Master of Puppets (2 songs), ...And Justice for All (2 songs), The Black Album (5 songs), Load (1 song), Garage, Inc. (1 song), S&M (1 song) and Death Magnetic (3 songs)



Setlist at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, AU on Nov 20, 2010

Set One

That Was Just Your Life 425


Cyanide 379


Ride The Lightning 410


Through The Never 253


Kirk Solo #1 94


Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 389


The God That Failed 312


My Apocalypse 378


Sad But True 384


Bass Solo 76


No Leaf Clover 317


The Outlaw Torn 552


One 484


Master Of Puppets 488


Dyers Eve 335


Kirk Solo #2 127


Nothing Else Matters 340


Enter Sandman 394


Encore Jam 152


Stone Cold Crazy 166


Phantom Lord 275


Seek and Destroy 608


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