The String Cheese Incident

10000 Lakes Festival

Detroit Lakes, MN

Jul 4, 2004

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Show Notes
  • Soundboard Recording by Peter George & Jon O'Leary

  • Mastered by Peter George
  • Reviews

    ryan 12/24/2004 10:17:14 PM

    "they were ON this 4th of july. the only bad thing was 10,000 being to worried about the stupid fireworks and not letting the boys play another hour in my mind these are better versions of each song then all other many versions ive heard of them. ESPECIALLY the electric towards the end of San Jose. and a gem performance of I know you rider. its just too bad 10,000 didnt respect the boys enough to let them continue. they need to be cheesed!"

    jonnyho 9/21/2004 9:57:13 AM

    "Although at the time, this show seemed a little off, upon listening to this recording: the Cheese were on fire. The first disc is top notch. PLEASE check out the jam in Come as You Are. UNBELIEVABLE. Only flaw of disc is Billy`s screw up in Valley of the Jig...other then that: straight up dance party!"

    elmoluvsstringcheese 7/30/2004 11:36:08 AM

    "Well first things first....2 hours of rockin with NO SET BREAK!!!!....Sirens was trippy as hell, I Know You Rider was very fast and anytime u get this song u have to be thankful......Travis` drum solo pick ed up momentum and segued greatly into Tinder Box.....Valley of the Jig is a personal favorite of mine off untying the KNot and they definitely did not dissapoint me in this rendition....Billy was the man and wailed on the electric for Valley as well as a kickass pounding bassline right in the middle....On the Road was kinda short....sure didnt seem that way at the concert but the jam that starts Restless Wind and segues from On the Road is absolutely gorgeous and should be worshipped by any string cheese fan....o yeah and who could argue with an encore song like Get Down Tonight... ooo another thing about Valley of the Jig is that at the beginning u can hear the fireworks going off its really cool...anywayz this was my first Incident (yet i had bought 30 live OTRS before actually seeing them) and well i dont have much to compare it too except recordings ive hurd.. and well some may think its a weak setlist... but at that time at that moment it was perfect and i couldnt have asked for anything better...NO SET BREAK!!! "

    Jeff 7/27/2004 6:30:30 PM

    "This was the best time of my life. I was trippin the whole show and it was the coolest trippiest thing I`ve ever seen or heard! It was such a stunning performance, both for the music and the visual effects. "

    Jeff D 7/26/2004 5:15:46 PM

    "This band is incredible! The show was absolutely amazing. I would go again in a second. My friend introduced me to this band and they`re great!"


    Setlist at 10000 Lakes Festival, Detroit Lakes, MN on Jul 4, 2004

    Set One

    San José 620


    • $0.99
    Sirens 405


    • $0.99
    Missin' Me 512


    • $0.99
    I Know You Rider 657


    • $0.99
    The Walls Of Time 320


    • $0.99
    Seventh Step 412


    • $0.99
    Come As You Are 693


    • $0.99
    Search 430


    • $0.99
    Drums 160


    • $0.99
    Tinder Box 341


    • $0.99
    Valley Of The Jig 872


    • $1.29
    On The Road 546


    • $0.99
    Restless Wind 621


    • $0.99


    Chatter 45


    • $0.99
    Get Down Tonight 354


    • $0.99

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