The String Cheese Incident

Aragon Ballroom

Chicago, IL

Sep 29, 2006

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Miss Brown's Teahouse contains a very slight technical glitch (3:24) which we were not able to correct.

  • Thanks to Scott Bacon for the great photos!
  • Reviews

    JoeB 9/4/2018 12:27:23 PM

    "even later post, 32nd bday and was with girlfriend of about 6 months, her first show was CheesDog in St. Louis the month before. She got a huge taste of what this was all about. This night on the other hand was an other worldly experience, you know the lets eat these chocolates to the music transcending us to the stars. 85 shows later and Every Cheese show is greatest until the next one. C u all at Hula! peace"

    Windy City Cheese 5/12/2017 7:25:56 PM

    "So this is a very late post. I've been seeing the Cheese since 2000 and every show has been nothing, but an incredible cheese experience. Maybe I'm being a little biased because yes, I'm from Chicago, but I have listened to so many versions of my favorite String Cheese tune Shine. By far in my opinion this is the best version I have ever heard. If anyone can recommend another solid version please let me know! Also to the band, please come back to Chicago soon!!!!!"

    Jason and Carson 10/22/2006 8:59:14 AM

    "The squirrels are really packin` away the nuts this year. And you know what the old timers say......"

    jj 10/4/2006 2:32:38 PM

    "Simply put this was an amazing night from beggining to end. This was the best show of 2006 so far and the night will be forever remebered by >`s and epic jams. The band and the crowd were beyond electric with so much energy it blows the mind. The HOWARD 2nd set opener was absolutely sick. I`m crossing my fingure for the boys to bring it on even harder for the Florida and Fabulus Fox shows. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!!!!"

    Ham 10/3/2006 9:36:06 PM

    "i sat front row with a few buddies and it was a night to remeber!"


    Setlist at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL on Sep 29, 2006

    Set One

    Lonesome Fiddle Blues 805


    High On A Mountain Top 302


    Sometimes A River 599


    Mouna Bowa 513


    Miss Brown's Teahouse 567


    The Bridge 270


    Miss Brown's Teahouse 191


    Shine 914


    Set Two

    set 2 intro 109


    Howard 1052


    Ring Of Fire 366


    Daryl 221


    Resume Man 354


    Eye Know Why 584


    Doin' My Time 447


    Way Back Home 817


    Drums 278


    Aragon Jam 323


    On The Road 471



    Elvis' Wild Ride 317


    'Round The Wheel 980


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