The String Cheese Incident

Auditorium Theater

Chicago, IL

Dec 29, 2003

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Show Notes
  • Photos by Adam George

  • Recorded & Mastered by Luke Harper & Braden Stadlman - Moving Records, Mankato MN

  • Last Steam Engine Train Home is with Leo Kottke on guitar
  • Reviews

    C.H. 9/8/2019 5:00:38 AM

    "the end of set 1 is labeled wrong. On the Road is the end of set 1. I had the cds from long ago and they are labeled right, but just bought the mp3s and the labeling is a little funky. But this show has off the wall, raw cheese energy with plenty of funk taboot. this run was life changing fun and magic. highlights include: looking glass> climb> on the road, give up the funk, galactic, way back home and I thought that the black and white was a great way to end the show at the time. "

    tweak 1/2/2004 7:33:16 PM

    "you guys, c`mon...kang can`t sing best feeling...i really did dig the jam off of keller`s tune, but seriously c`mon...michael is definitely unique with his vocal approach to this song, as someone mentioned, but not in a good way. not good at all. he just plain butchers it every time...i guess i`ve always felt that way though. i like the cheese, but that`s just tooooo cheesey for me. what i really liked about this particular show was the rave jams. i could listen to cheese bust out that techno all night long...they`ve really got that shite down. the leo kottke jam was wicked awesome, and leo`s solo set was even better. freakin` kyle freaks those keys during the p-funk, and what a riot hearing billy nershi sing "tear the roof off the mother sucker"!!! all in all, a pretty good show. definitely worth the download for a fan of the cheese."

    foc 1/2/2004 1:51:15 AM

    "I was at the NYE run at the Auditorium Theatre and this first show was amazing. I dont know about Lost as an opener but the show got better as we went along. My personal highligts were my first Ring of Fire, a solid Blackclouds>Galactic, as well as Panama Red (which they sang two years ago as well in Chicago). I was kind of missing Keller during this NYE run, but it was a consolation to hear Best Feeling, and I totally disagree with the review before me about this song. When Kang sings Best Feeling he has his own unique style and the Jam to Best Feeling is great which people who dont listen to SCI live cannot understand. All in all the NYE run is a life experience and I hope the phenomenon that is SCI grows and continues to give us joy. "

    o3cheesefan 1/1/2004 9:11:14 PM

    "Solid show top to bottom. They definitely broke into some newer jamming styles I had not heard out of them before that worked very well. Uniquely played versions of songs like On the Road are different than any versions I`ve heard. Good run, this show might be the best of the run."

    dancingntats 1/1/2004 9:06:01 PM

    "i really have NO idea what erk means about the "way kang sings best feeling"...i have always loved cheese`s take on this fantastical keller tune and this version was nothing short of stellar. really fine jam on it. more on the rest of the show later when i find the other pieces to my brain laying around her somewhere..."


    Setlist at Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL on Dec 29, 2003

    Set One

    Intro 120


    Lost 424


    Mouna Bowa 475


    Best Feeling 940


    Mountain Girls 298


    Looking Glass 810


    Climb 792


    Set Two

    On The Road 717


    Last Steam Engine Train 387


    Give Up The Funk 542


    Black Clouds 287


    Galactic 852


    Ring Of Fire 327


    Way Back Home 1108


    Desert Dawn 583


    Outside And Inside 521



    Chatter 123


    Panama Red 214


    Black And White 533


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