The String Cheese Incident

Auditorium Theater

Chicago, IL

Dec 31, 2003

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Show Notes
  • First Set is acoustic

  • Tye's Jam is an improvisational jam conducted by Tye North

  • Recorded & Mastered by Luke Harper & Braden Stadlman - Moving Records, Mankato MN

  • Photos by Adam George

  • This show is from the sold-out Moving Records/Instant OTR project, and is now made available once again, exclusively, as a digital download.
  • Reviews

    C.H. 9/26/2019 9:36:22 AM

    "Life changing! 15 years later and my spirit is still propelled and supported by the energy that was that night. cant wait to party again in 2019"

    normlguy3 1/3/2004 10:24:32 AM

    "I was at the show and it was quality. It was a non-stop dance party. I would like to thank SCI for such a fun night. Boogie on til you Cheese yall"

    Gaber 1/3/2004 8:06:48 AM

    "Wow! That is about all I can think to say when I think back to this show. However, I will try to put into words how great this show was. First off, what a venue! The Auditorium Theater is a beautiful space and hopefully I can see a show there again sometime. My seats were perfect and I doubt that there was a bad spot in the whole place. Gotta love when String Cheese opens up for String Cheese! We wondered if the main band could top the opening band.... :) The crowd was great...everyone was groovin to the intermission music even....can you say James Brown house party?!? First set was nice, but nothing could top the rest of the show. Off the top of my head, "Sweet Home Chicago" was great, "End of the World" was a sweet cover, "Wheel" was simply amazing. The guys were really jamming in the 3rd set and it seemed that they could play all night. Some real exploratory jamming that will blow your mind! Do yourself a favor and download this show, you won`t be dissappointed."

    Joshua Ford 1/3/2004 6:25:38 AM

    "New Years Eve at the Auditorium Theater was by far the most intense emotional experience I have ever had in my life. Never before have I felt so connected to anything or anyone. I truly felt as though everyone was one and the positive vibes that the audience carried continually charged my spirit higher and higher proving to me that someway, somehow our souls are all connected. Seeing everyone caring for one another and looking out for their neighbors brought my emotions to an extreme and made me almost shed tears of joy. It puts so much faith back into my heart to see that even today there can still be a society that does actually care for one another and love one another without constantly thinking of only themselves and becoming corrupted with greed & anger. An unexplained force has been pulling me in all this time and now I know what it is. Keep the good tunes coming!!!!!!!!"


    Setlist at Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL on Dec 31, 2003

    Set One

    Intro 124


    Sittin' On Top Of The World 223


    Sunny Skies 252


    Chili Dawg 279


    Resume Man 453


    Lester Had A Coconut 378


    Work 342


    Little Hands 804


    Dudley's Kitchen 197


    Set Two

    Search 564


    Sirens 463


    This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 771


    Tinder Box 382


    Orion's Belt 301


    Restless Wind 524


    Freedom Jazz Dance 420


    Dirk 764


    Set Three

    Sweet Home Chicago 1027


    Theme From The Wiz 155


    Rollover 963


    Latinissmo 581


    It Is What It Is 751


    Time Alive 366


    Valley Of The Jig 642


    It's The End Of The World As We Know It 842


    'Round The Wheel 1050



    Tyes Jam 733


    Shantytown 336


    Can't Stop Now 318


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