The String Cheese Incident

Beacon Theatre

New York, NY

Jul 11, 2007

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About Formats
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Show Notes
Close Your Eyes with Jason on drums and Travis on percussion.

golfingchef 7/19/2007 7:32:15 PM

"Does anyone know who took the pictures for this show? Sorry for the non-review. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks. "

RiverRunner23 7/16/2007 10:26:33 AM

"This was the first time I got to see them live. Probably be the last too, which leaves me feeling sad. But if I could only have one show, this was an amazing one to have. This may have been THE best show I`ve ever seen by anyone! The jams were electric - they would get so far out I would not even be able to remember what song they started with, and then on a dime they would be back, tight as could be. Almost missed my train back to PA cuz there was no way I was leaving till the last note was played!!! Thanks, guys, for a hell of a show! Billy, it ain`t too late to change yer mind and stick around!!!"

frank d tank 7/15/2007 6:44:25 PM

"This show was totally sick. The crowd was cool and the jams were out of control. This has got to be one of the best cheese shows ever. "

yum 7/13/2007 2:23:24 PM

"This was the only show i got to see on this tour. I must say if this is my last show ever *sigh*, it was an awesome one to go out on. The second set is as good as anything Ive ever heard from them. As Kyle says at the end of set two "Holy shit!". This recording sounds as sweet as it did at the beacon, with lots of nice crowd noise for an SBD. I really hope this is just a hiatus. I have a feeling that if these guys keep having as much fun as they did at the beacon, they will not be able to resist getting back together soon. Go see them on this tour!"

cheesefarewellfan 7/12/2007 8:37:43 PM

"what a way to start the lats tour!!! Unbelievable came down from New Hampshire just for the first night and we were so pumped second set was out of control black clouds!?! Ring of Fire!? come on!! front row was out of control. Thanks for a great one guys, cant wait to hear the recordings ~ The tour continues"


Setlist at Beacon Theatre, New York, NY on Jul 11, 2007

Set One

On The Road 301


Can't Stop Now 326


MLT 890


Barstool 389


Sometimes A River 480


Miss Brown's Teahouse 519


Black Market 621


Close Your Eyes 593


Set Two

set 2 intro 71


Shine 796


Pack it Up 751


Dudley's Kitchen 184


Missin' Me 573


Bumpin' Reel 646


Farther 540


Ring Of Fire 383


Black Clouds 344


Shine 505



Freedom Jazz Dance 442


'Round The Wheel 923


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