The String Cheese Incident

Beacon Theatre

New York, NY

Jul 14, 2007

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Show Notes

First Time Played Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles)

Photos by Larry Fox & David Gray


Rhode Island Jack 8/21/2007 9:47:25 PM

"I`m a 53 year-old middle school English teacher and long-time concert taper who got turned on to the Cheese by my buddy Mike back in `01. After having been to 176 Grateful Dead shows, I didn`t think anything else would ever come close. Well, between `01 and this Beacon run I got to see 20 Cheese shows, nine of them in New York City. These Beacon shows were incredibly rich, spontaneous and mostly joyful, although there was the awareness that this may be it. As the boys played the reprise to Way Back Home, ending their triumphant four-night run, I whispered a thank you... for giving me back my passion for a band. God bless you guys. I`m a fan for life. "

Dancin` Dan 7/20/2007 12:39:55 PM

"I`ve been a huge fan ever since I stumbled upon the band doing a non-showcase happy hour show in Austin during SXSW in March of `97. It will be hard to find a new favorite live band that even comes close to SCI. Thanks for the many years of vibes and energy, and I wish the best to all the members as they venture off into new projects and creativity. Even though they didn`t play some of the songs I wanted to see, they made the trip worth it from NC. Peace"

Capadon Juan 7/19/2007 9:19:10 AM

"I meant to say violin in stead of mandolin in the middle of my review"

nathaniel 7/19/2007 8:40:33 AM

"very nice review. i couldnt have said it better myself. KYLE KYLE KYLE!!!!!"

Capadon Juan 7/18/2007 1:34:29 PM

"Cheers to Nershi!!! I just want to start by saying that he will never be replaced musically and although I wish nothing more than to hear the band continue on, his spot in cheese eternity can never be filled. One thing he will be..... is missed. I think there is a lot of amazing chemistry between Kang and Kyle to continue on without the acoustic sound melodically but soo many songs are lost because of Nershi`s absence. I don`t need to list them because A) they go on forever and B) any true cheese fan already knows. I understand that he can no longer aspire to other dreams and wishes to move his career into a personal realm of satisfaction and not the combination of 5 now 6 (JHamm) members vision of what `their band` should sound like. That being said I went to friday and saturday night and those shocks F* Rocked my F* shoes off. I have never heard the band that energized and pumped up about jamming their songs out. Texas>Footprints>Texas w/ krasno was off the chain I found myself almost passing out from exhaustion dancing. I had never heard `Dont Say` and was extremly pumped about that occurance. Rivertrance was TIGHT, the groove in the pocket the whole time including the ultra hyped ending which Kang nailed as always. One of my favorites of the two shows was definetly Desert Dawn>VOTJ>Dawn. I thought Kang completely tore those up and shredded face. On that note Kang was ON TOP OF HIS GAME these two shows. He absolutely slayed these two nights. His solos blew my mind. Epic. that is the only word that I can use to describe his presence in all of the songs. He hit notes and volumes that could not be contained by Beacon. His solos were suitable for stadiums S.T.A.D.I.U.M.S. that takes nothing away from Beacon being an awsome venue though. The acoustic mini set in the begining of the second night was great because they had played minimal bluegrass/acoustic the first night and i wanted to have the full cheese experience on my last two shows. Furthermore to that point although Kang was electrically electricfying I could have used more of his mandolin. Search was awsome as was Rivertrance but the real kicker for me was Little Hands. The jam at the end of that song was face melting. Everytime I thought they had reached the pinnacle of the energy in the song it got crazier and more mind blowing. I love that song and I thought it was great that Kang and Nershi sang the song together because although I could be wrong I believe the duo had musical tension contributing to Bills decision to leave. The encore`s both nights where awsome. The duel encore was sweet with a pretty good restless followed by a brilliant Shaking the tree. I love that song too. The best was definetly Landsend>BAJ>Glory Chords> and Way back home. I was so tired at that point from dancing and grooving the whole night but when they brought it back in with kyle on Way Back Home I got crazy. I love kyle he is the music man of the group and really knows how to build solos but his techniques and fills are soo tastefull. He deserves as much credit and praise as ne one in Cheese. ROCK ON KYLE. In conclusion the ending of the Era of String Cheese Incident is sad and happy. I love this band and the rollercoasters they have taken me on. Every member of the band is an awsome musician and although I have never met them personally I know they are outstanding people judged on the music they play. Everything must end and "what a long strange trips its been." To the guys of cheese: Thank you soo much for everything you have given to your fans most specifically the music you have played. You will be missed but never forgoten. The best of luck to all you and from all your fans THANK YOU!!!!! I will remember the String Cheese Incident as one of my favorite bands of all time. That is what you were once but it`s what you`ll forever be to me and thousands of ur fans. Viva la Queso "


Setlist at Beacon Theatre, New York, NY on Jul 14, 2007

Set One

set 1 intro 102


Lonesome Wind Blues 242


Good Times Around The Bend 227


Chili Dawg 268


Long Journey Home 325


45th of November 509


Eye Know Why 751


Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 334


Mouna Bowa 512


Big Shoes 759


It Is What It Is 706


Set Two

Pretty Polly 636


Just One Story 736


Don't Say 691


Strawberry Fields Forever 206


Rivertrance 1092


Howard 1011



Chatter 111


Land's End 253


Big Apple Jam 112


Glory Chords 377


Way Back Home 365


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