The String Cheese Incident

Caesar's Tahoe

S. Lake Tahoe, NV

Mar 30, 2005

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Photos by Mark Melheim

  • Take The Money And Run included a verse from Sweet Home Alabama

  • Reviews

    toddycheese 4/5/2005 10:27:36 AM

    "This is a great venue> so much fun and positive energy(accept for those fat ass security Gards) I am sorry keith`s back is hurt but he did an outstanding job as usual but you could tell he was not the same keith (I thought it might have been that big steak dinner he ate before the show...LOL) During intermission I visited some fellow cheesters upstairs in a suite and lost track of time and i missed desert dawn and rainbow serpant> But after hearing rainbow serpant on disk I was not so bummed anymore> what happened Bill (new aproach) I hope he appologised to travis for that 1> No Big Deal though. AWESOME SHOW."

    Ryan Stephens 4/3/2005 8:26:54 PM

    "Amen!!! This was the best Cheese show I`ve ever been to. Amazing energy, awesome drums, all around kickin` good time!!!!"

    Rick 4/3/2005 5:18:27 PM

    "Wow!!! Best Incident I have seen in 5 years. There was so much energy in the room - and after 11 miles of snowshoeing earlier that day I needed it. You guys put it together tonight!! The transitions from song to song were flawless - nice curve ball from Billy when he didn`t go for the Martin to lead into Kang`s jam in On the Road. Little Hands was without a doubt, the best version you have ever done - it was like a poet wrote Billy and Mike together. And that Drum jam - Travis, Jason - what can be said - OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!! You guys were awesome tonight and for all you out there who missed this show - you missed a Cheese masterpiece"

    Trey 4/3/2005 3:41:26 PM

    "All I can say is holy wowsers!!!! What a great show in a great place with great people. Snowboard by day, Dance and sing by night. I just want to thank everyone who was there for the amazing energy that was given. Thank you cheese and keep on keep`n on....... P.S. Durm circle in a casino? WOW"

    Ben Irwin 4/2/2005 8:59:42 PM

    "One of the best shows I have ever heard Cheese do. The jams were right on the covers were some of my favorites. It was great to hear little hands, barstool, high on a mountaintop, BAM!, and pretty much all the other songs they played. Take the money and run was a great way to finish the show and the Sweet Home Alabama tease was great. Great energy and a great show."


    Setlist at Caesar's Tahoe, S. Lake Tahoe, NV on Mar 30, 2005

    Set One

    Chatter 84


    High On A Mountain Top 299


    Got What He Wanted 687


    ¡Bam! 755


    Catfish John 229


    Ring Of Fire 364


    Little Hands 1068


    On The Road 720


    Set Two

    Chatter 93


    Desert Dawn 535


    Rainbow Serpent 404


    Way Back Home 855


    Drums 636


    Barstool 356


    Happy Birthday Mom 172


    Rivertrance 940


    Search 446


    Dirk 412



    The Bridge 451


    Take The Money And Run 333


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