The String Cheese Incident

Cuthbert Amphitheatre

Eugene, OR

Aug 5, 2006

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About Formats
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Show Notes
The Walls Of Time features Todd Sheaffer (guitar), Tim Carbone (violin), John Skehan (mandolin), Andy Goessling (guitar), Carey Harmon (percussion) (all from Railroad Earth)

kjpb 8/13/2006 4:18:52 PM

"Andrew I think your fucking crazy! The second set of this show was a solid funk dance party that was as good a set that the cheese laid down in all five shows. And without a doubt better than the first night! The L you talked about sooooooooo much must have not been too clean because if you listened to the actual music played on night one at cuthbert the band had numerous flubs which were quite noticeable. I don`t want to bitch about the show because it had its moments "Lonesome fiddle was sick" but in my opionion night one of cuthbert was the worst out of the five show west coast run. however once again that isn`t taking anything away from tihs night because this run marked SCI shows 40-45 for me, and was probably the best SCI run i`ve ever been on(based solely on the music). Unfortunately peak didn`t produce like they usually do! But i guess that just makes those Hornings weekends more special every year!"

Catfish John 8/8/2006 12:07:51 PM

"Craziness was in the air for this show. Water and the sick MLT>New Pollution>MLT were the first set highlights. Did anyone else catch the Cottonmouth tease? The boys meant business with Freedom Jazz Dance and Bam. "

Josh 8/7/2006 9:52:17 PM

"Lots of teases in this show. Johnny Cash... neil young... they were just all over the place this night, made it an awesome show. They didn`t do too many segues, but the musicianship completely made up for it. WHole weekend was a stellar set of shows."

Bobby 8/7/2006 5:36:52 PM

"I haven`t seen SCI too many times, but I thought the show was phenomenal. The second set really did it for me. What a great venue!"

T.J. 8/7/2006 4:17:38 PM

"Out of the five shows this weekend (starting in seattle) this was okay at best. Not to say this was a bad show. Just not very interesting. No segues in the second set, and pretty much the same set list form the Philladelphia Electric Factory. Three Pretty Polly`s in one tour make it not as special as it could be. If you`re going to use your Billy dollar get either night two of Redmond or night 3 of Cuthbert, they were by far the most stellar shows I`ve ever seen Cheese play."


Setlist at Cuthbert Amphitheatre, Eugene, OR on Aug 5, 2006

Set One

Joyful Sound 716


Daryl 209


Weary Homesick Blues 286


Water 751


MLT 270


New Pollution 299


MLT 253


Outside And Inside 519


Set Two

Come As You Are 863


Smile 687


The Walls Of Time 550


Freedom Jazz Dance 478


Pretty Polly 829


Drums 495


¡Bam! 629


Way Back Home 727


Rollover 1131



On The Road 269


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