The String Cheese Incident

Deer Creek

Noblesville, IN

Jul 13, 2002

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About Formats

Samkizzle 6/23/2009 1:45:05 PM

"This is te best SCI show I will ever see. For the second set they repeled from the rafters of deer creek (except for kyle who took a dive off the rafters only to be saved by the band). This is such good quality and a nearly flawless show (kangs early start on 100year flood and the begining of Barstool). Little hands, San Jose, and Round the Wheel are all my fav versions of these songs. Such a great vibe. It blew Alpine out of the water(I was at that one also). The guest drummer with Ben Harper was Leon Mobley, who is my fav Hand drummer ever. If you love a good incident this is not one to miss. I`m not kidding. I havent seen Cheese since this show and had only seen 4 before this one but , after this I left feeling like I never needed to see them again. This isent why I havent. All of these hiatuses really sometimes screw the fans. But, I still Love SCI and I will always love this show. Buy it for you soul. Samkind."

noah 7/15/2006 3:33:38 PM

"This show is awesome. Incredible sound, and lots of great tunes. Ben Harper does a great job and the the guest percussionist is really on fire. key tracks are rythym of the road and round the wheel, 100 yr flood, Voodoo chile (and everything else on disc 1 for that matter), and ALL of disc 3. the San Jose is the best i have ever heard with the last guitar jam towards the end, after the piano, bringing a smile to my face every time i hear it. Also, Come As You Are is done realy well. GREAT show"

Danimal 7/26/2005 6:17:12 PM

"I cant believe no one has reviewed this show yet. I just ordered over 3 years after it happened and to be completely honest it is by far the most memerable show I have EVER seen. It was unreal the energy was huge though the whole thing. do yourself a favor and listen to it now. The covers are all great. Esp steel my kisses and magic carpet ride. "


Setlist at Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN on Jul 13, 2002

Set One

Intro 35


Rhythm Of The Road 549


Round The Wheel 728


Down The Line 483


100 Year Flood 782


Coconut 312


Mermaid Jam 219


Daryl 391


Steal My Kisses 392


Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 564


Set Two

Intro 113


Dirk 729


Miss Brown's Teahouse 964


Group Hoot 145


Little Hands 634


Let It Go 422


Ring Of Fire 385


Come As You Are 574


Magic Carpet Ride 258


Destiny Jam 160


Come As You Are 86



Chatter 50


Barstool 394


San Jose 616


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