The String Cheese Incident

Deer Valley Snow Park Amphitheater

Park City, UT

Jul 10, 2012

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malcolm scott pennie 7/15/2012 12:09:11 AM

"just a short comment on the TIM H review ,, i was down front on the railing right corner of stage in front of keyboard player i can not think of his name ,, it was ok untill half way thru 2nd set then it got more crowded & tight for space ,, most of the fans stayed cool ,, but a sweet show by the band !!!! and yes we do like good concerts and music in UTAH !!!! yes it is a very good venue it looks good & sounds great !!!! my # 1 spot after that STRING CHEESE INCINDENT ...."

TimH 7/14/2012 2:06:44 PM

"What a beautiful place, and what a crowd! The mellow security didn't care what we brought in to consume while we set up our pik-a-nik - I recommend the fruit cups from the local grocery as a perfect set-break snack. And there was none of the mosh-pit crowding so common elsewhere. We had plenty of dancing room even FOB. As for the setlist, the playing was superb all the way through. I was surprised (and briefly annoyed) to hear Song In My Head so soon after Red Rocks, but I guess they weren't satisfied with the previous performance and wanted to get it right this time. Give Me The Love may be my new favorite. Really, though, I can't remember a better show all-around. If they ever play this venue again I will do all I can to be there."

malcolm scott pennie 7/12/2012 6:02:31 PM

"this was my first live show of THE STRING CHEESE INCINDENT ,, and i was very much impressed with all phases of the performance by the band ,, they do give you your moneys worth ,, i figured it was about 2 hour 55 minutes of music for $51.00 it was one hell of a bargin !!!! i will go see some more live string cheese again !!!! hopely before too long ,, i wish i would of known about them sooner ,, i have friends [ younger than me that told me about them ] and gave me a live cd ,, so now i am hooked for life !!!!!"

Ninjaplease 7/12/2012 8:12:39 AM

"'s been over 11 years since I've seen cheese in my home town. I've lived in NY the last 10 years so I've been able to catch a ton of East Cost shows over the last 10 years with the occasional Winter Carnival/Festival Show vacations thrown in there. I booked an extended vacation just so I could fly back out here for this and to prepare for our drive to Hornings in a few days. This show was so sentimental to my family. My brothers and I have grown so much over the years and between the 4 of us we've seen the band over 200 times. This was the first show that I've ever seen with all 4 of my brothers together. Not only that, my dad and my niece (4 yrs old - favorite song San Jose - A-oo, A-oo) also experienced their 1st show as well. This has got to be one of the coolest venues ever. You could bring coolers and they didn't care what you put in them. Absolutely no searching, and I'll be damned if I saw a single security guard. The show ended at 10 o'clock which was stated (and there was a 6 o'clock start time) however at the end of the show you could tell a lot of people were wishing they'd have eaten their fungi earlier as they were just starting to peak as the show ended. The barefoot boys really made tonight special with a great mixture of old school songs and fan favorites, great segues, near perfect old school exploration, and just an overall sense of having fun. As far as Hornings is concerned: Hey-ay-ay-ay, Can't Wait Another Day!"


Setlist at Deer Valley Snow Park Amphitheater, Park City, UT on Jul 10, 2012

Set One

Come As You Are 582


  • $0.99
Missin' Me 738


  • $1.29
Mouna Bowa 498


  • $0.99
Song In My Head 417


  • $0.99
Give Me The Love 561


  • $0.99
I Wish 438


  • $0.99
Looking Glass 911


  • $1.29
Can't Stop Now 298


  • $0.99

Set Two

'Round The Wheel 682


  • $0.99
¡Bam! 534


  • $0.99
How Mountain Girls Can Love 273


  • $0.99
Sirens 380


  • $0.99
Can't Wait Another Day 419


  • $0.99
Rivertrance 1008


  • $1.29
Big Shoes 1102


  • $1.29
Just One Story 746


  • $1.29


Barstool 353


  • $0.99
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 430


  • $0.99
'Round The Wheel 214


  • $0.99

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