The String Cheese Incident

Dobson Ice Arena

Vail, CO

Mar 26, 2007

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About Formats
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Show Notes
Thanks to Sewell Hatcher for the great photos!

daev 4/3/2007 3:24:13 PM

"I hope this show doesn`t get forgotton, sandwiched as it was between such other great shows, because this was a smoker in it`s own right. Windy Mountain> Land`s End> San Jose is a dream sequence, and the Rivertrance and Rollover are both giant. During the "Vail Jam" between Ring of Fire and One Step Closer is a bluegrass instrumental called "Billy in the Low Ground""

Focker 3/30/2007 2:35:11 PM

"Ummmmm.....can we say of the best I`ve heard for the last Carny ever....what an amazing 5 nights of stringy you boys"

ETAK 3/29/2007 9:37:30 PM

"I can`t believe I had the good fortune to see this show. It was AWESOME!!! At the beginning I saw kyle flap his arms and knew we had a birdland comin. Awesome, awesome AWESOME rivertrance, Awesome show. "

Sully 3/28/2007 9:06:47 PM

"After a day of sloppy wet turns on the mountain we arrived at the Dobson with expectations high after a steller run at the Fillmore. The crowd was buzzing as the boys took the stage and dove in to a heady Birdland - no messing around! Several spacey jams characterized the first set culminating in a huge Lands End > San Jose closer. A frenzied dance-happy crowd raised the temperature to sauna levels - we just had to battle through the heat. A welcome setbreak cooled things slightly. Keith started the second set with a delightful Sometimes a River. Then came a Rivertrance for the ages. A long intro followed by a heavy rock and roll middle section and finally an epic fiddle jam - whew! When the heat got to be too much, we moved to the cool and breezy dance section near the front door. One great number after another ending with a tremendous Rollover left us fully sated. The Bridge allowed us to catch our breath for a final On The Road dance number before spilling out into the cool Vail night. What a run!"

Jeff 3/28/2007 8:59:59 PM

"From strart to finish, one of the best Cheese shows I`ve ever heard. They got downright nasty with Rivertrance and it was my first Rollover, and it definitely doesn`t dissapoint. Thanks for coming out to Vail Cheese!!"


Setlist at Dobson Ice Arena , Vail, CO on Mar 26, 2007

Set One

Intro 111


Birdland 191


Flying Home Jam 523


Birdland 197


Just One Story 599


Yo Sé 573


Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 411


Windy Mountain 857


Land's End 402


Big Dobson Jam 301


San José 539


Set Two

set 2 intro 66


Sometimes A River 500


Rivertrance 1145


Got What He Wanted 293


Will It Go 'Round In Circles 45


Got What He Wanted 352


Ring Of Fire 352


Vail Jam 344


One Step Closer 224


Drums 363


Rollover 1105



The Bridge 321


On The Road 285


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