The String Cheese Incident

Fabulous Fox

Atlanta, GA

Nov 24, 2006

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About Formats
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Show Notes
Set Two is a live performance of the entire Born On The Wrong Planet album!

Kyle 4/7/2007 6:05:22 PM

"What an awesome weekend, it blew my mind. Although the second night is better, this show was amazing. It started off high and and then Joyful Sound was sick. I think the highlight was Bigger Isn`t Better because it was played to perfection and they don`t open that up very often. I suggest buying both nights but if you are going to get one I say go with the second."

Arkcheese 12/28/2006 11:42:58 PM

" Hoooooyeaaaaaahhhhh!!! Southern Cheese is the tastiest...Sick show with a great vibe going on the whole night. Thanks guys!!"

jj 12/8/2006 2:26:39 PM

"My first shows since the news of Bills pending departure. My 39th show was really special and I will never forget it Thanks again to the Band for keeping the positive vibe going for now. I was so happy to see that the great music and vibe that I had witnessed so often before and especially recently during the fall tour was still alive and kicking. I was also grateful for receiving such classic SCI treats as “Bigger Isn`t Better” and “Windy Mountain” twice (I caught the sound check). It is sad to think that I may not see the World Greatest Band again in this great venue if things don`t work out and change. However I was relieved to see and speak to Bill and others in the band that was staying in our hotel, and although you never know what the future might bring everyone I spoke to did seem to want to assure us that things will be ok in long run! I just want the band to know that the fans do care about them as individuals and we all hope things work out for everyone involved. Best of luck to everyone and see you at the remaining Incidents because work and everything else right now will have to take a back seat and wait while I take in the last moments of the World Greatest Band! PS: I would be great if the band could find a way to stay and play together as a side project for now. "

nostradomous 12/6/2006 9:20:46 PM

"wasnt there but this show is amazing, the jellyfish is one of favorites ive heard. bigger isnt better is the nasty sickness. shame that they couldnt have pulled out great concepts like this and kept old bill around a lil longer, rather than pushing the techno jamtronica sound. even though i appriciate all sounds this is much more roots. love the big l fox jam and glory chords. great stuff"

Quazi 11/27/2006 12:09:16 PM

"Awsome show the 2nd set entire album was a treat. It`s a shame to think of them as breaking up a great thing "


Setlist at Fabulous Fox, Atlanta, GA on Nov 24, 2006

Set One

Intro 96


Close Your Eyes 495


Mouna Bowa 518


Just One Story 532


Joyful Sound 968


Windy Mountain 664


On The Road 594


Rain 639


On The Road 121


Set Two

Black Clouds 702


Born On The Wrong Planet 576


Land's End 383


Resume Man 394


The Remington Ride 303


Elvis' Wild Ride 248


Big L-Fox Jam 139


Glory Chords 322


Bigger Isn't Better 476


Johnny Cash 380


Lester Had A Coconut 205


Diggin' In 136


Texas 796


Jellyfish 527


Black Clouds 429



Missin' Me 558


The Devil Went Down To Georgia 270


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