The String Cheese Incident


Manchester, TN

Jun 11, 2004

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Show Notes
  • first Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

  • Multi-track Recording, Mixing & CD Mastering by Doug Derryberry, Jon O'Leary, Peter George

  • photos by Adam George
  • Reviews

    Niraj 1/25/2007 11:25:33 PM

    "Cheese on my birthday, what else can you ask for? Well I guess a 2nd set :)"

    JacobiWJ 5/3/2006 6:43:38 AM

    "This is quite honestly my favorite live Cheese show. It has a great song line up and Cheese really jammed out.. The whole show just seems to flow so well."

    MoreLiveTunes 2/24/2006 8:29:01 AM

    "I enjoyed Bonnaroo because of this show, the crowd was sweet, the show was really good for a huge music festival that bonnaroo was. Don`t you just love those guys? Give it away was a really cool, a chesseclassic if you know what i meant."

    mike dub 7/26/2005 11:32:15 AM

    "i can eat a lot of mushrooms underneath that tennessee sun!"

    CrispY 4/18/2005 8:28:38 AM

    "It was a good show as ALWAYS people dont like bonnaroo cause its not just jam bands they bring some stupid stuff too but Trey had a awesome spectacle of a show there and Primus sells there show at bonnaroo this year on their website - check it them both out"


    Setlist at Festival, Manchester, TN on Jun 11, 2004

    Set One

    Dudley's Kitchen 166


    • $0.99
    Desert Dawn 423


    • $0.99
    Lost 387


    • $0.99
    Mouna Bowa 483


    • $0.99
    Sirens 490


    • $0.99
    One Step Closer 422


    • $0.99
    Way Back Home 677


    • $0.99
    Joyful Sound 457


    • $0.99
    Valley Of The Jig 742


    • $1.29
    Outside And Inside 438


    • $0.99
    Give It Away 313


    • $0.99
    Rollover 1031


    • $1.29


    Good Times Around The Bend 258


    • $0.99
    Texas 841


    • $1.29

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