The String Cheese Incident

Fox Theatre

Redwood City, CA

Dec 8, 2003

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Show Notes
  • This show is one of the reccent SOLD OUT shows from the "On The Road" series, now made available once again, exclusively, as a digital download.

  • Recorded by Jon O'Leary and Peter George

  • This show was originally part of the Moving Records series, and was subsequently remastered by Matt Sandoski, David Glasser and David Henry, Airshow Mastering, Boulder Colorado prior to the manufacturing run of "pressed cds". This download version is the "Airshow Remaster". Please note: The labels have not been modified and still reflect track times & mastering credits from the Moving Records version.

  • Larry's pick for "Best Show of 2003"
  • Reviews

    kt 7/16/2007 8:44:08 AM

    "this show was fantastic though sadly my company sucked. the version of riders on the storm really got the place grroving and the rollover was really great fun to see and hear. The place was packed and it was full of good energy and was much better when i moved to a place with better vibes. this show is worth the price of the download and if you have not done so, you should.. its a great cheese orgasmica..."

    Hawk 2/12/2006 10:57:16 AM

    "I have to agree with Larry that this show is the best of 03`. Soild show from start to finish. The sax from Martin in the second set is sweet with the band on top of every note. This is a show you can really apperciate even if you didn`t attend. Don`t pass this gem up! "

    does it really matter 12/6/2004 11:17:50 AM

    "best show you can get on the site, great texas opener and it doesnt stop until the shows over. they definately brought the heat out this night and tore the rug up, a definate keeper. so buy this one. if not this show, but the wiltern 7.23.04, jason hann`s first show, the best of 04."


    Setlist at Fox Theatre, Redwood City, CA on Dec 8, 2003

    Set One

    Intro 63


    Texas 838


    How Mountain Girls Can Love 207


    'Round The Wheel 885


    County Road Blues 559


    Good Times Around The Bend 255


    Wake Up 351


    Fox Jam 73


    ¡Bam! 655


    Set Two

    Valley Of The Jig 1007


    Jellyfish 589


    Rollover 1342


    Blackberry Blossom 229


    Riders On The Storm 654


    Eleanor Rigby 139


    All Blues 349


    Outside And Inside 540


    Black Clouds 784



    Group Hoot 124


    Across The Universe 346


    Got What He Wanted 391


    I Wish 423


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