The String Cheese Incident

Fox Theatre

St. Louis, MO

Jul 8, 2006

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Friend Of The Devil features Bob Weir (guitar & vocals), Jeff Chimenti (keyboards), Mark Karan (guitar), and Kenny Brooks (saxophone))
  • Reviews

    THE KING 1/8/2007 3:36:43 PM

    "First thing first... HOW IN GOD`S NAME CAN YOU POSSIBLY TOP THE RATDOG OPENING SET?!?!? Seen the dog about twenty five times now and it is easily top two i have seen! As far as this cheese show it wasn`t the best BUT it wasn`t bad at all, anytime you get a Naive Melody>Wheel Hoss opener I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE THAT IS THE HEEEEEEAT! The Looking Glass>Desert Dawn is solid and i will take A 15 MINUTE BIG SHOES ANY DAY!!! GTATB was just icing on the cake for me personally. Solid show even thought it was no where near as good as the Ratdog set!!! "

    Wu-Kang Clan 7/18/2006 3:15:08 PM

    "I love electronica Cheese just as much as jamgrass Cheese, so this show did it for me! No, the kids weren`t the most energetic I`ve ever seen, but everyone was having a great time. There seemed to be a lot of kids that had that "first incident look", so that could have had something to do with it. We stayed with some folks from St.Louis and took them to their first incident and they were blown away! Was up Emmy! Cheese IS bringin the heat this summer! "

    simmons 7/14/2006 10:47:10 AM

    "String can`t unload every night, i thought this was a perfect set, and shows the diversity of this band, Stop leaving bad reviews and just say what you liked about the show"

    my cat`s breath smells like catfood 7/11/2006 3:33:32 PM

    "Well guys, I gotta say that this incident didn`t really do it for me. The Fox is a great place and I was hoping the boys were gonna bring the heat for my 25th show, but there just wasn`t much energy going through the place. Not that it was the worst show ever or anything, but the band seemed a little tired, and everything was a bit too downtempo. The Milwaukee show two nights prior was intense, and I could`nt stop dancing. Here I could`nt even get started. If Desert Dawn and BAM! can`t get me to shake my ass, nothing will. Anyways, I hope all you kids had a better time, but I`ve seen better cheese shows. I guess they all can`t be face melters!"

    touraddict 7/11/2006 11:15:32 AM

    " Of the dozen or so incidents I`ve seen, I must say that St. Louis was probably my least favorite. This is not to say that this show doesn`t have its merit; the jams are just often too trance-driven. Overall, a very electronic show, so if that`s you`re bag, then have at it. But if you like that jazzy, bluesy, cheesy sound, you`re only gonna find it on desert dawn and latinnismo, so save you`re money. P.S. For all those that didn`t catch this show, Bobby blew Cheese out of the water!! I know, I can`t believe it either!!"


    Setlist at Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO on Jul 8, 2006

    Set One

    This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 459


    Heads Up Jam 257


    Wheel Hoss 172


    Looking Glass 978


    Desert Dawn 832


    Latinissmo 708


    Piece Of Mine 455


    Friend Of The Devil 562


    ¡Bam! 659


    Big Shoes 925


    Way Back Home 773



    Good Times Around The Bend 247


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